Saturday, January 09, 2010

I Feel A Change Coming On

I have to say 2009 was a very odd year for me. I think it was The Year Of The Returning Man. You know it all started with Dale showing up after about 14 years. That was just mind-blowing and unfortunately didn't turn out well. Then, this summer I ran into a fellow I dated about 16 years ago. He hadn't changed much. Still about as worthless as he was back then. Not much on working but big on taking advantage of what he can. He did offer to come eat my food and have sex with me though. Not to worry gentle didn't take much to resist that offer. I was slightly impressed with his gall however. I mean, I remember 16 years ago and he didn't have that much to offer then, IF you know what I mean! I wonder sometimes just how desperate some men think women are. I just wanted to say,  Pfff! Get away from me before the construction worker comes out. And no..that's not the only thing I look for but he just had that smarmy, sleazy attitude.

Then, for the past couple of months, a guy I dated about 10 years ago has been calling persistently. He has visited and I enjoy his company but I'm not much interested in really getting back together. I gave it my all the first time and it didn't work out.
There were also several friends from years back to come calling. It was nice to hear from most of them but kinda odd too. When most of them found out what I did for a living and other such stuff about my life they quickly disappeared again. Kinda makes you feel odd, ya know. I mean, they contacted me. Anyway, it really doesn't matter.
So, it was a weird sort of year. Started out not being able to get any time off from work and ended up out of work completely. More people gone forever that had always been around. Allen is off in another country. He met a very nice lady from England he is apparently quite taken with. On the other hand, my family still gripes on me every chance they get. I don't think that will ever change.
I do have a few goals for the new year: I would like to completely finish this half of the house. Completely. I would like to have a successful garden this year and be able to get some chickens.
I don't think that's too much to ask for a year's time.

*one of the very few Bob Dylan songs that I actually like to hear him sing.


HermitJim said...

Sounds like a reasonable request tome...and certainly not too much to ask for!

Hope you find it all, or at least part in the New Year!

Anonymous said...

As a woman who has been married for 26 years,I got a good chuckle from your blog.
You gave me an insight of where my life would be if I had not met Hubby and you also gave me a good reason to stay married.
I am envious, forewarned, and thankful all in one blog. THANKS

Floridacracker said...

Part horse? I assume it's not ears or teeth.

Anyway ... so I am not the only one who thinks Bob Dylan singing sounds like a cat with it's tail caught in the door?
I can't stand the sound of him. Most of the people I know who like him are the older than me 60's hippy crowd.It probably sounded good back then under the influence of LSD, and that's how they hear it today too ... flashbacks you know.

I hope you accomplish all those things and that the right guy is with you when ya do.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks! i think i will accomplish part of it anyway!

Hey Moldy! glad to have you reading!
Well, i hope that somebody gets something out of what I write and if it helps you appreciate what you have then that's great!

Hey FC! no, it's not his ears or teeth for sure! :D

I agree with you on Dylan; I think people just claim they like him so they sound hip. allen just loves him but it really is some of the worst caterwauling I've ever heard. He is a very good songwriter tho.

thanks! maybe he will be.

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I feel a change coming on for you too Annie. Good luck with things in 2010. If all things don't come totally altogether this year, I heard there's going to be a 2011 also, thats one thing count on anyway. I've learned that alot of things take alot longer than they should. Finding love could fit in that category too I guess, but I hope I'm wrong. lol.

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Correction on the last comment in the following sentence.

Thats one thing "I" count on anyway.

Just thought I would correct that. oops. There must be a cookie under my I key or something.

karl said...

that is a pretty tall order, really. i spent many years trying to find another person whom my heart could rest. it came like a thief in the night. i was blindsided and resistant at every turn. i do hope that you find it.

to add my two cents about the men creeping back in, like you said it didn't work the first time. i would begin by asking their motivations. you need relationship with a freshness not a staleness. i still vote for the switch-man unless you must trample on a failed relationship to build yours.

countrypeapie said...

Now y'all stop all this crazy talk about Bob Dylan! I LOVE to hear him sing his own stuff and I'm not THAT old and I sure as hell am not THAT hip. (Although even I will admit that the sound bytes I heard on NPR from his Christmas album were a bit on the awful side.) Anyway. This post cracked me up. Sounds as though you have decided to stop watching the pot. Maybe it will boil.

Eutychus2 said...

My wish is that your new year is filled with all kinds of satisfying blessings, even a man who sneaks up and steals your heart. My wife is convinced no such creature exists; maybe that has to do with being married to me for so long?! Your blog absolutely cracked me up - keep up the good work.

edifice rex said...

Hey Mark! thanks! well, most things do take longer than we think they should but I really believe I'm overdue in the finding love dept. lol!

Hey karl! well, it is really but you gotta hope!
As far as the men, oh, I KNOW what their motivations are...hehe! anyway, they are fine for company but they know they have no hold on me.
Of course, i vote for the Switchman too but only if it could be legitimate. That's one reason we vowed not to communicate with each other at all. If his marriage fails/ has failed, it is up to them to decide without any outside influences.

Hey Pea! oh c'mon! Dylan sucks as far as singing goes! lol! :D
well, I have been trying not to watch the pot but I seemed to keep tripping over it every time I turned around last year! maybe it will boil soon.

Hey Euty! thanks so much. You tell your wife she is wrong. I once saw such a creature with my own eyes. But the problem is you see, is that he stole my heart and went away with it. Now I don't have either. Maybe one day he will return with it.

Patsy said...

Oh! I have so been in your shoes. I had a switchman of my own for about 10 years. I packed up and moved 400 miles away to get away from the situation. Life is funny, things change, and now we've been together for almost 7 years. Never give up.

edifice rex said...

Hey Patsy! thanks so much for commenting! well, you never know; life can be very strange sometimes!