Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hit The Road Jack

But not without me!! Ha! Well, I'm officially laid off again and enjoying my first day of vacation. Well, sort of. Been running around like the proverbial headless chicken trying to get clothes and supplies together. We are planning on leaving out early Friday morning. We will head down to Mobile first to visit Capt. Jack's brother and then shoot over to Houston to see his sister. Both will be short, overnight stops so as not to inconvenience them and to make as good a time over Texas as we can. From Houston we are going to stop in San Antonio to see the Riverwalk and such; maybe take in the Alamo. Then on to Big Bend National Park and do some camping in the Chisos Mtns. From there we don't have any hard and set plans. I'm so freakin' excited.
The timing on work, the moon, everything has worked out great so far. Allen is going to babysit Grendal while I'm gone and generally look after the place.
My sister found out today that I was doing this and she had a fit. How could I run off to some remote part of the country with this older man I've only known for 5 months?! He could be an axe murderer! I need to stick with guys my own age! blah, blah, blah...And I said yeah, the vast majority of the guys my age are smack in the middle of a 15 year marriage with 2.5 kids and if they are not married, or taken or very recently singled, then they are usually of dubious standing. Whack jobs. Yeah, I know, there are exceptions to every rule but I'm saying for the most part, of the ones I've met. It's very hard to meet someone single and not a complete weirdo. And if Jack was an axe murderer, or any other type criminal, they wouldn't have let him around the Presidents. Of course, if you've never been caught, you wouldn't have a record! lol!
Anyway, it just astounds me sometimes how many people go their whole lives living in a manner prescribed by other people. Doing only what you are 'supposed' to do. You know, grow up, go to college, get married, have kids, plant flowers and die. And not to say that's a bad thing really, if that's what you truly want to do but what is wrong with taking the road less traveled? We celebrate such a thing in literature and cinema but when someone actually does it we say 'wooooo, they're crazy'. I said, well what am I supposed to do? sit around the rest of my life pining because I never met some certain guy that fits in some certain category and never get out and see anything? Screw that. Hey, once you get to our age, what the hell, you know? Capt. Jack and I know the score.
So, I loaded the info I need to keep blogging onto Jack's laptop last night and hopefully will keep ya'll informed of my adventures when possible. See ya!!!!

*Ray Charles


Pablo said...

Send me a postcard.

Richard said...

Have a ball Annie. See the sights, enjoy the company, relax and just have fun.

My word verification is...CAJON. Wonder it that means anything?

~Missy~ said...

More power to you, I say. We sure heard enough of that kinda stuff when we decided here in our mid-late 30's to sell off all we owned and move to Alaska, with 2 of our kids still home with us! I prefer the less traveled path!
Wish you and Capt. Jack a wonderful trip!

Ed said...

Pleasant journey!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip!
I'm jealous about Big Bend-that's one of the areas I want to bird one day.
Is Lika going along or staying home with Grendal?

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! will do! lol!

Hey Richard! thanks a bunch! we plan on it! Cajon? hhmm , not sure...sounds like it should though!

Hey Missy! thanks!! I appreciate that.

Hey Ed! thanks!

Hey Anon! thanks! well, Lika is no longer with us so I don't have to worry about him.

Wendy said...

Bravo for you! I knew my husband for six months when he asked me to marry him and three months later we tied the proverbial knot. Then, three weeks after we became husband and wife, I flew back the Germany and he went back to his home in Kansas (we were both in the military and had met in Germany, but he'd PCSd to Kansas and then called me to propose - very romantic, eh :). It was almost a year later before we got to (finally) live together.

That was fifteen years ago.

Have a good trip!

mizdeb said...

Have a blast! Life is too short to worry about other people and their hang-ups. Maybe Sis is jealous! LOL
You will love Big Bend. We went down on bikes (motorcycles) around Turkeyday a few yrs.back and had a grand time. Of course, we live in TX. so not such a long trip for us.

Deb said...

Have a great trip! I went to Big Bend as part of a college January term trip. It seems some 20+ years ago I went to Key West with a guy almost 12 years my senior, whom I had known for only a few months. We ended up being married for 18 years now... Anyway, sometimes I wish I was at a time in my life where I could take off and travel like that. It will come, all too soon. Hope to hear some great travel stories!

Sissy said...

Gosh Annie, you are so darned brave; hitting the road with a 'maybe axe murderer'. He's not any kin to Lizzie Borden by any chance, is he? What a dumbassed comment is my comment. LMAO.

I hope you have the best time you have ever had in your whole life!
Be cautious around any hurricane paths. Hopefully your trip will include perfect weather.

Cajones is a word I believe or is it cahones? Too tired to look either up.

When you get back, please tell us about Lika. I'm numb just from reading that line of your comment.

Grenville T. Boyd said...

What's wrong with crazy?????? and even axe murder's need love!!!!!!!
Beatrice and i met on=line and are still having great adventures and great times. Have a great trip and we'll watch your blog....

Hayley said...

If he was an ax murderer, he sure is going to a heck of a lot of trouble to kill you.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Agree with Grenville's comment - everyone needs a great friend (maybe more?) and good times and sharing and if love happens it's wonderful. The road trip you and Capt Jack are taking sounds like a grand adventure...have lots of FUN and never be concerned about negative comments. They only get in the way.

HermitJim said...

Hey, my friend! Be sure to wave in my direction when you come through Houston!

Hope you have a fabulous time! Be safe!

edifice rex said...

Hey Everybody!! thanks so much for the comments; I appreciate all of them so much. Little short on time right this second but will try to post soon. we are in Houston at the moment and will stay overnight here.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am so glad you are off on an adventure with your friend Jack. You seem to a resolved the issue of being with an older guy.