Monday, November 01, 2010

Take A Chance On Me

Okay folks! I got a deal for you! We are going to have a little give-away if anybody is interested. Jack came upon this complete Garth Brooks collectors set of 6 CDs (book and box included) and, knowing how I like most any music, gave it to me. Well, country, or what they claim to be country music these days, is not exactly something I care for. Since he didn't pay anything for it either, he suggested I could take the set to Goodwill or such but I felt kinda bad about that. I'm not sure why...but then it occurred to me to see if any of ya'll might like it! Now, one item of disclosure: the 'Fresh Horses' CD is missing from the set. The case is there but not the CD. I know, that sux but I had nothing to do with it. I'll check with Jack to make sure he doesn't have it but I don't think he does. The CDs seem to be in good shape (no scratches etc) but please don't ask me to actually listen to them to find out. I might could talk someone else into it though. That's ugly of me I know, I shouldn't say that. I'm just teasing. I know a lot of people really like Garth Brooks and that's fine, just not my cup of tea.
So, just leave a comment on this post if you would like your name put in the drawing for it! And just to make it slightly more fun, you have to tell me which subjects that you love or hate for me to write about! Ha!! Now, I know some of you may be thinking, yeah, but if I win then I must give you my name and address for you to send it to me (and yes, I'll pay postage within the U.S.) and you're a freakin' nutcase that I don't want knowing that information! Well, just take a pill...I am a nutcase but not that kind of one; I'm only destructive to myself! Besides, I have corresponded with several of my readers through the mail and they can vouch that I'm not loony like that. Hell, I'll probably loose the info right after I mail the thing, knowing me.
So there! Sign up! you might win! Oh, we'll say that the drawing will be held on November 6, this coming Saturday.



Hayley said...

Hmmm. I enjoy reading your blog because you are talented and funny.

Ed said...

Fresh Horses wasn't one of his better CD's anyway.

HermitJim said...

I think I'd like to have this set...if only to remove them from your way! Being the nice guy I am, I don't want you to feel guilty about having some cd's around that you don't listen to!

I think the main reason I enjoy your that you seem almost as crazy as I am, so that makes you OK by me!

All us nut cases need to stick together, ya know?

Sissy said...

Well, Annie, pop my name in that drawing too.

There is nothing but 'praise' to say about your blog or you. It was the first blog I ever came across and frankly I felt you were amazing with all your talents. I never miss your posts. Frankly, I wish you'd quit work and just blog fulltime...just to accomodate me!

Mouser Jack said...

You would think the girl would be happy to get some decent music. With the exception of Cowboy Junkies, whick I will admit having fallen in love with, Annie's idea of music is a terror to the ears [at least mine.]
Good luck with the drawing. She will probably cheat. I should demand to referee.

edifice rex said...

Jack! I will not cheat!...probably. :D
and don't be talking smack about MY music after I had to experience the horror of what you consider music. Eheeee.
And, smarty pants, I was going to get you to draw the name out of the hat anyway.! lol!

Hey Hayley! thanks! I appreciate that.

Hey Ed! well okay then; that's good! I take it you do not want your name in the drawing tho?

Hey Jim! lmao!! that's right! us nuts have to stick together!

Hey Sissy! well I really appreciate your kind words! that makes me feel good!
I have been having trouble viewing your blog though. It comes up at first and then after a minute or so it goes blank..???

Loretta said...

I love country music and that includes Garth Brooks. The older stuff more than this new music. I love your posts about anything, including building your house, pets, flowers and friends! I have never read one that I hated! So....put my name in the drawing please.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Annie, have to agree with you that Garth Brooks is not one of my favorites and I do enjoy country music, at least some of it. Now had this been a Kenny Chesney set then maybe I'd be interested in the drawing, but not for Garth. Nice of you to offer it.

Lisa in Bammer said...

I loved early Garth but not the last stuff he released. As for what I like to read about on your blog - your love life. I enjoy reading everything you post but the new relationship with Jack just gets to me. I sort of feel a kinship with you in some way and I have a Jack in my life now for the time being. Bama girls just can't be beat! (I mean the state, not the college. War Eagle!)

Ed said...

Yeah I'm good. I can dust on my GB CD's if I ever go through that phase in my life again. :)

myamuhnative said...

Nope , you are definitely not loony!
I learn so much from all the house posts and the garden posts and all the other posts too!
True confession time-I have a fair amount of country in my music collection, so If you pull my name make sure that it is pronounced "Hermit Jim". ;-)

Floridacracker said...

I will leave a comment as long as you PROMISE not to send me any BARF BROOKS! ugh.

I like everything you write. Always amazed and helped by your How To posts.

edifice rex said...

Hey Loretta! thanks so much and I'll put it in. Btw, like your new picture.

Hey Beatrice! yeah, I think Garth is a love 'em or hate 'em kinda guy. :)

Hey Lisa! War EAgle! alright! Go on girl! lol!
Oh, my love life...well, I guess it is entertaining if nothing else! lol!
Great to hear you have a Jack; hope he is good to you!

Hey Ed! ok, that's what I thought.

Hey Mya! well, thanks for taking the time to tell me what you enjoy even tho you don't want the CDs. I appreciate it.

Hey FC! thanks too for commenting anyway! I think I've got some good how-to's coming up soon for you. Somehow I didn't think you would like Garth. ;)