Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hain't It Funny?

Hain't it funny....
One of life's little jokes
thought you'd gone for good......

So I know my blog has been a bit boring lately maybe. Just plants and stuff. Well, I have a funny story for ya'll tonight.
Jack and I decided last night to treat ourselves to dinner out at a restaurant near Birmingham. I was kinda leaning towards Chinese but he didn't feel like that, so we ended up going to another restaurant that served American fare. I had been there a number of times in the past but don't think we had ever gone together. So, we are eating and having an enjoyable time. We were discussing our plans for the chicken coop and garden; something we are both excited about. The restaurant was fairly busy but not crazy and we happened to be seated so that the salad bar was behind me and I faced the main dining area. So, we're eating and talking when suddenly, I seemed to sense, out of the corner of my eye, a familiar presence walk by. I looked up from my plate in time to see a tall man with silver hair headed towards the table behind us. I about choked on my food. As he turned to sit down, facing me, handsome blue eyes caught mine. It took a moment before recognition set in and then a bemused sparkle flashed in those eyes. He looked down quickly and I tried to regain my composure. I was in the middle of a sentence and I just went completely stupid. I had no idea what I had been saying. Fortunately for me, I often act stupid and bizarre so I suppose Jack didn't think much of it. Just another one of those fits.
I have honestly lost count of how many times I have run into the Switchman now. As I sat there in the restaurant I couldn't help but wonder what the odds were, not just this incident, but the sheer number at this point. It's certainly something I've never experienced before.
It is always nice to see the Switchman and I could tell from his amused glances that he was enjoying our somewhat unique serendipity, but I was still glad that I was with Jack. And I couldn't help but notice that while we were carrying on an animated conversation, as usual, over dinner, the Switchman and his date ate in mostly silence. But I suppose some people prefer that. Life is very odd sometimes.


Sissy said...

Ha, I'm sure glad I wasn't in your shoes. Awkward...very good word.

What were the chances this encounter would happen. Birmingham is full of restaurants, right?
I have the idea Switchman's silent meal had much to do with you. His date? I thought he was married?
Excuse me; I'm such a damned fool romantic.

Anonymous said...

I have the funny feeling that the "Switchman" is a past you would rather not revisit. Ex's have a way of doing that.

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! it was a little awkward but still nice to see him.
He is married; I just used the word 'date' because I can't hardly bring myself to use the word 'wife' with him.

Hey Grenville! Weeeell, actually you're wrong. The Switchman is not an Ex. We never dated. It's a long story, well chronicled here on this blog. An unrequited love. But I do enjoy seeing him.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

As one who has both a fancy university education and a construction trade, I know what you mean.

The trades are good jobs that more women should consider. Skilled. tradesmen are smart and resouceful. Certainly they are not to be looked down upon but admired for what they do.