Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thang

So, I would like to say that in this interlude of several days I have canned, froze and cooked to my heart's content and stored up all sorts of goodies for the coming winter months. Well, in reality I spent most of the time throwing my guts up while the fresh garden offerings sat on the kitchen floor. *sigh*
And no, I'm NOT pregnant! I just connected what I was typing to the title of this post. No, ya'll know better than that. I will say though, that the rest of this post will contain disgusting references to female physiology, so if any of you guys get really uncomfortable around that subject, then I suggest you stop reading now.
Now, my longtime readers know I have a couple of physical "abnormalities" that affect me occasionally; one being my heart and the other, well, my whole female system. LOL! I've never been quite right in that regard and have always had a few problems. Lately I've been having a few new... issues, let's say. So, I go to my doctor. He listens to me. He rubs his chin thoughtfully and says well, "it sounds like your ovaries are just giving out." What? Excuse me? Giving out?? Nothing on me 'gives out' until I'm done with it! I protested. I'm too young for that. "Weeelll," he says, while subtly leaning out of my reach, "not really..." He goes on to explain that the average age of complete menopause is 50 and many women start experiencing symptoms in their mid-40's, especially women with my, uhh, physical makeup. Holy Smokes. This sucks. I still haven't come to terms with not being in my 30's anymore!!
So, he asks me if I want to try a little natural estrogen to ease things a little, let's say. Well, considering the fact that I really would hate to choke Jack to death in his sleep one night I thought maybe I would give it a try, despite my natural distrust of any prescription medication. And after a couple of doses I felt a little better. Then the nausea started. I'll spare you the details but Jack was calling the pharmacy every 15 minutes asking if my doctor had called in that prescription for Zofran yet. I don't know if that finally helped or if I just passed out from the fatigue of constant puking. At any rate, I won't be taking that route again. I'm feeling a bit better today and actually canned a few pints of salsa I made from my fresh tomatoes, but this whole thing just sucks.
I'm not sure why it bothers me so bad. I have never enjoyed birthdays either. At least, not after the age of 20. I think such things just remind me that my time is running out and I haven't accomplished all I want to yet. I don't look disparagingly at older women. I don't feel that they are any less of a woman. It's just me. I don't want to be the wise, old gentlewoman. I want to be the fierce Amazon that strikes fear in the hearts of men! Or strike some part of their anatomy anyway..
So. Bleh. I know I'm still mostly young and all that dogshit, but what a pisser.


ignatz said...

two expressions of hope for you---power surges and post-menopausal zest (Margaret Mead)

try yoga, I find it very calming'll make it

don't think soy does a thing---with hot flashes, just remember they subside---I really feel more powerful now that I'm through it all

Jack will survive too :)

Anonymous said...

Well, sounds like he gave you estrogen...not what you need. If he is like some gyn, they do that. Yikes. You should read "The Wisdom of Menopause" by Dr. Christiane Northrup. See if you can find someone that way who does bioidentical hormones. It takes some Progesterone 2, to help balance things out. Without it, puts the estrogen too high, which creates all sorts of problems. If no one can do this, check out, I think that is correct. YOu can actually do this via phone or internet. They also have a salvia hormone testing system to see where you are. As long as you don't smoke you should be good with them. Embrace menopause...well, it just sucks, sorry. Embracing...not happening. Jack will thank you and the critters will thank you and it will help. Not a cure all, but better and not so scarey.
You might have to throw a few extra pots to pay for them, but worth it. Hang in there.
Doc is right.. I started symptoms @ 40, had surg. @ 49 and Hello...gradual, I think might be better but had to say.
Tammy in Lower Al.

Floridacracker said...

I have no suggestions for this issue as pertains to your system.

As for Jack. He should save some of the leftover eggshells from your chicken flock and practice walking on them for the next few years.

It worked for me.

edifice rex said...

Hey Page! thanks for the advice! I appreciate it.

Hey Tammy! well, he gave me a very low dos of estrogen AND progesterone. He said I had to take both because I still had my uterus. Apparently though, the pill form of both sometimes causes a reaction like I had, so some women use a cream. I've thought about those saliva tests but he said unless I knew what my average levels used to be, they wouldn't be of much help because they can vary so wildly among women. I don't know. I will check out the book! Thanks for the advice!!

Hey FC! HA!!! you are so funny. I'll tell Jack. :D

Island Rider said...

FC cracks me up. Hope you are feeling better soon. Will e-mail you later tonight.

Deb said...

As far as I know I'm still in the egg race but I feel your pain. These hormones can bring me to a state of depression. FC, as usual, has provided a gem of comic wisdom. But why do I feel I'm the one walking on eggshells?

edifice rex said...

Hey IR! thanks!

Hey Deb! Yeah, I know what you mean! Sometimes I feel that way and then other times feel like I could choke the crap out of someone. :D

Curmudgeon said...

On her worst day hon has been the sanest in the family. She has had endromitriosis (prob mispelled) and bladder infections all her adult life. Tried several things, finally got a hysterectomy (that doesn't look right either) but they left ovaries in so they could keep producing estrogen or whatever. Anyway it seems to be working. Before that she was in horrible pain.That was when she was ummm.. before fifty. I'm older. Once she came in and screamed at me in the middle of the night while I was working to quit rattling the cracker papers. I was snacking on crackers. I think she was having a hard time sleeping. but that was three rooms away with the door closed. Even so, When Jonell is bad she acts like any woman with no problems would if they lived with me.I really am a curmudgeon. I don't understand the concept of walking on eggs. She also took marshmellow stuff from health food store. Ps she takes 28 different vitamins a day. I swear!!! People think she's my daughter. She is dying at a much slower rate than me. I just have auto pause (I want one of those new Camero's.

edifice rex said...

Hey Dan! Well, glad that Hon is doing better now that she is "over 50"! I have always had 'female' troubles too with much pain so I can relate. Hopefully mine will improve after a while. Fortunately Jack is pretty understanding, or pretends to be anyway! He brings me ice cream and that's always a good thing!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Luckily, I managed to get through the menopause stage as well as the start without much difficulty at all. Sort of made me wonder what I'd missed - just kidding cause after reading your account, I am so thankful not to have had hot flashes or anything similar, just a stop. No meds or anything else needed. Hope you are feeling better soon, Annie. Tell Jack that ice cream is always a GREAT thing!

Rurality said...

Hey, I can pick you up some of the cream from that store you hate. I don't know if it's natural or not, but it sure worked on me for a year or more, til I got so bad I had to move to PremPro. Let me know... you just rub it on your arms. (Eating roasted soy nuts worked for me in the beginning!)