Monday, April 23, 2012

The Gift Horse

 I meant to post before I ever went to the show this weekend but time got away from me as usual.  Seems like the last couple of days beforehand are always a blur trying to get ready, no matter how prepared I tried to be in advance.  My new business cards arrived at the last minute and I had to go into Birmingham to pick up some old work that was being discontinued at one store.
The show was about an hour north of here on the shores of Lake Guntersville.  It's a real nice town with some great restaurants and LOTS of opportunities for fishing if you like that sort of thing.  It was a nice but cool weekend but the show was pretty much a flop.  I didn't lose money but I didn't make a whole lot either.  It wasn't bad as an opportunity to get back in the groove of things though and gave me a chance to review my booth set-up and decide on many new changes for it, IF I want to continue doing shows.  I met some real nice people and Jack bought a beautiful original watercolor for me from this real nice man who had the booth across the aisle.  The painting is my birthday gift and will look fabulous in my new kitchen.

I placed 3rd in my category!  This was a small cash prize, so that was nice, and I got an offer from the Guntersville Museum Director for a long term consignment deal to sell my work in their gift shop.  Here's the link; looks kinda neat.  I didn't realize that the town of Guntersville was named after Will Rogers great grandfather.  So, all in all I guess it was a profitable weekend.

Upon arriving home, however, my nice outlook on things was pretty much trampled, just like my strawberry plants, by the fact that the chickens had somehow managed to get the gate open from their run into the garden and from the looks of things, pretty much had the time of their lives.  All my hard work was halfway destroyed.  I finally got the strawberry plants put back in some order but don't know if they will survive.  Of course the chickens had gorged on strawberries and then just pulled off many of the green ones.  They mashed my onions and munched down some of the cabbage and cauliflower.  I think Jack was more upset than me and really gave those chickens a piece of his mind.  I don't know if much sank in or not but they wouldn't go near even my flower bed today!  And they laid a lot of eggs!


Carolyn said...

May we see your watercolor gift?

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Sounds to me like you got those chickens a little concerned. lol.

Curmudgeon said...

first the good news huh? Chickens sound like a pain. I'm glad you're starting shows again.

Chieftain of Seir said...

Could be worse. I lost all my chickens to a bear this week. Years of successfully defending them against weasels, foxes, racoons, coyotes and the like had made me complacent. I thought my coop was varmint proof.

If he had just took one or two to eat it would not be so bad. But he had to kill them all and scatter their body parts all over the place.

edifice rex said...

Hey Carolyn! Sure! I have yet another trip but I'll put it up when I get back.

Hey Mark! lol! yeah, they were sweatin' it a little that night!

Hey Dan! Well, chickens are a pain at times! but a lot of fun at other times. Like most things. :)

Hey Chieftain! OOhhh, that's awful!! I really hate to hear that. I had a weasel get into my coop years ago and just slaughtered the whole bunch. Ate maybe 3 (they were very young). So, I know what you mean. Made me outright sick.

Floridacracker said...

Congratulation on your prize! /

Ed said...

I think I might have had chicken soup is I came home and saw that. But you really can't blame them for wanting to eat strawberries over bugs can you!?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad the show weekend wasn't a total bust and that you came out on the profit side, however slim, and made some good contacts. Happy Birthday in advance. After reading about the chickens rampage, I now know why I could not raise livestock and gardens together.