Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ball And Chain

So, there are a lot of ya'll that have read my blog for many years now, or at least a couple of years.  I've been pretty open about most all the stuff that has gone on in my life, for good or for bad.  Ya'll have seen me through some pretty rough times and then through some good times.  It's funny how much you can seem to get to know or get close to (in an odd kinda way) people that you have never met.  Or even seen in some cases.  But, I have a confession to make.  I've been holding out on ya'll a little and it is time to 'fess up.  I'm gonna have to tell you sooner or later.

Jack and I are getting married.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I am getting married.  I am actually going to take that plunge!  Jack has wanted to get married for some time but I said I would never be rushed again about such a thing.  (My first husband pressured me and it was a definite mistake).  So, I told him to cool his heels and I'd make up my mind in my own good time.  So, we did.  I know we had a few rough starts in the beginning but Jack has proven himself as someone willing, and actually able, to work things out and make the necessary changes to improve things.  Not many people will do that.  I have to say, he's been better at it than I have probably.  I'm a bit more stubborn!  But I have learned from him and I'm glad I did.  In fact, we both feel we have helped each other to become better people.  To be more forgiving and more understanding.  I think that's a good deal.  He is immensely supportive of all my crazy schemes and endeavors too, but ya'll probably got that from all the stuff he does around here and with helping me with my pottery and everything. 

So, we are going to have a small wedding here at the property on October 6.  Now, talk about a frugal challenge; this is going to be a good one!!  He is going to fork out the money for the honeymoon and rings so I get to do the wedding itself.  I get the much better deal!  A guy I went to college with is actually making our rings; I think they are going to be way cool.  I'll show them to ya'll when they are finished.  We just went down yesterday to the guy's shop to get sized and finalized the design and such so it will be about 2 weeks or so before they are finished.  It is just going to be 2 wedding bands.  I see no reason for an engagement ring and all that crap.  I think all the time and effort Jack has put in around here is betrothment enough! 
So, anyway, I'll show ya'll anythings I make for the ceremony and how I save money on the whole thing although I can tell you now, that's just mainly going to be through it being a very simple deal.  My brother is a minister, the chickens are going to be the bridesmaids and I can bake a cake! lol!!  But, don't worry men, it won't be non-stop wedding talk until that day (I know how much that would thrill you)!  I'll just post an occasional update.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you both and I look forward to seeing your wedding plans!

Anonymous kathy :)

ErinFromIowa said...

Whee! I am smiling here! Happy for both of you. One of my past careers was as a professional seamstress (mostly formal/wedding attire). I saw a lot of exspensive weddings that were lacking in heart and soul. I have a feeling I am going to enjoy hearing about all the deets of your wedding plans.

Woody said...

Congratulations Annie!

Pablo said...

Where is the nearest hotel?

ignatz said...

Absolutely thrilled you have set the date! You muttered a bit about this over the winter.
If you improve each other you're into something really good.
I notice that's a white heart you're holding, cake topper maybe?
happy, happy, joy, joy!!

Island Rider said...

Whooo HOOOOO! Congratulations. I am so glad you each found one another, a person who makes you better than you were before you met. I am so excited for you. And will be hanging on every detail about the frugal wedding since I am also planning one (our son's) and struggling with the bride's mom to keep it frugal. I am so happy for you!

Ellen said...


edifice rex said...

Hey Kathy! thank you!

Hey Erin! thanks! well, ours will have heart if nothing else! lol!

Hey Woody! thanks man! again,;)lol!

Hey Pablo! about 3 miles down the road!

Hey Page! I've muttered about this for a while! lol!

Hey IR! thank you! oh lawd, you have my deepest compassion for having to work with a bride's mom! lol!! I'm so glad my family is not really involved.

Hey Ellen! thank you!

Floridacracker said...


HermitJim said...

I'm wishing you both the very best and hope the bluebird of happiness builds a nest right over your porch!

Jack is a very lucky man, but I'll bet he knows that already!

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! Yeah! thanks!

Hey Jim! well, my luck the bird would crap on us! lol! just kidding! thanks! and yeah, I think Jack thinks he's lucky anyway. :D

Hayley said...


Sal said...

Congratulations! Or felicitations... either way that is most wonderful news!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Congrats to you both Annie. Sounds like you guys were meant for each other and I wish you both a long and prosperous life together.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Lower Al. and October should have cooled off enough and pretty enough in your neck of the woods for a wonderful outdoor wedding. I agree frugal sounds wonderful. Makes me sick @ the money pilfer away on weddings and nonsense.
The BEST to You and Jack.

Tammy (grendel fan) said...

Many happy years!!!!
I'm very happy for you.
I've been to many weddings and some of the best were backyard small informal events where the refreshments and the clothes were made by the wedding party. It seem to have more meaning and closeness between the people at the wedding. That is appreciated more by the people that attend the weddings than a bunch of stuffy enviroment, overpriced catered food, over the top cakes, and lets not even mention those horrid bridesmaid dresses.
I'm looking forward to see your preparations and i'm waiting with anticipation for the happy event!!!

Caroline said...

Very best wishes! I can tell this is about a marriage, not about "the wedding". That is the real celebration!

edifice rex said...

Hey Hayley! thank you ma'am!

Hey Sal! thank you!

Hey Mark! thank you; that's a very sweet wish!

Hey Anon! thank you! yes, I think early October is going to be great weather and such! Fingers crossed anyway!

Hey Tammy! thank you! you're right, I think doing it this way it will have much more meaning for us and just be a lot more fun!

Hey Caroline! thank you! that's a good point!

Anonymous said...

Top-Notch announcement, I gotta say. Now I don't have to hold my breath any longer; been hoping for this to happen "forever". Congratulations to you and Jack. Seeing him work alongside with you, I knew that it would be a good partnership. Go for the gold! You must include Mom since she introduced you and you being her child, mustn't you. Moms ARE such special people, you know.

Ed said...

Congratulations! If my daughter wasn't going to be in school, I would swing down and help with the shotgun holding if necessary.

Just don't make the mistake that my brother did and hold is on a day when 'Bama is playing football. Not only was it the quickest ceremony I have ever seen (it was less than five minutes long) there was no reception because everyone left to go see the rest of the game.

The Polar Bear said...

that's great news! congratulations- that really warmed my heart to hear that. love finds ya. i am thankful for that fact.

pamit said...

Wow! Congratulations to you and Jack, Annie. Stay uppity! --Pam in CO

edifice rex said...

Hey Anon! thank you! oh yeah, Mama will be there! I know better than to leave her out! lol!

Hey Ed! well, I don't think they'll have to hold a gun on me but, you never know! lol! ;)
Seriously, no reception because of a football game??? that boggles my mind. Don't worry, no one that is coming to the wedding would care!

Hey Bear! thank you! and good to hear things are improving for you also. ((hugs))

Hey Pam! thank you! I've just got to find that sign! lol!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both! I'm really happy for you. A good partner is hard to find.
I'm glad you found each other.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

CONGRATULATIONS to the two of you, Annie and Jack. Goes to show what I missed by not reading blogs for a few days. From reading your posts, it's been clear to me (and you too I'm sure) that you two work well together. Sounds like a great wedding with the chicks as bridesmaids too.

Amy said...

Huge congratulations! Love the rock, I have a couple shaped like this that josh and I picked up creek stomping. I am so happy for you!

Amy said...

Second comment--I know--I have to agree about the frugal wedding thing. Expensive weddings always seem like they are more about the show than the couple. Simple and honest is always best.

myamuhnative-in Inverness said...

Congratulations and a big WOOHOO!!!
I'm sorry to be chiming in so late but we are still in the process of unpacking from our move to north central florida (run FC run!! We're right around the corner).
Is there anything that your devoted readers can do to contribute for your wedding?
Let us know!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both, finding that someone that gels so well with you is not an easy feat!
Here's to a joyous future together that brings everything you need
Wonderful news!

Robbyn said...

Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!! and share as many pics as you can...we women would love that and I suspect the men might even secretly like them, too, ha :-D