Sunday, October 06, 2013

Red Letter Year

 For those of you that might have been keeping up, you may remember that today is mine and Jack's 1st anniversary!  Yay!  We are enjoying a quiet day at home today but decided to take a little celebratory trip earlier this week up to Asheville, North Carolina.

Whenever we travel anywhere in the vicinity of northern Georgia, Jack always likes to detour over to the Dillard House  for lunch.  This is a very cool place over in Rabun Gap, Georgia and some of you may be familiar with the FoxFire series of books that the local school put out years ago.  I'm not sure if they still publish the books or not.  In his younger days, Jack often white water kayaked in this area and became familiar with the Dillard House then.  Now, I know some of ya'll are looking at the table there and thinking "what the heck?"  Basically, this is the don't get a menu.  You are seated and they take your order for drinks.  Then, they just bring sufficient portions (but not too much) of what they are serving that day, you either like it or you don't, and yes, you can get a take -out box.  I've never been when I didn't like most all they were serving.  It's good southern food but not too heavy on the fried stuff.  In fact, fried chicken and fried okra were the only two items in that category out of all this.

 This is the view from one of the several rooms or cottages you can also rent on the property.  They have horseback riding and stuff like that too.

 This is the view of the fields across the road from the restaurant.  Many of the foods they serve are grown right here or in the area.

 We spent the first night in Cherokee, NC and went to one of the big casinos so that I could experience such a thing.  Gambling has never been an interest of mine so I had never even been in a casino before.  It was kinda fun and we won a little but then lost most of it the more we played (big surprise, ha!).  We ended up about $20 ahead when we left. lol!
The next day we headed straight for Asheville and toured the arts communities south of town.  The mosaic above is in front of the Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts, which is run by Highwater Clays, the people I buy my clay from.  Very cool place.  You are free to explore the place and purchase work from the artists, as long as you don't interrupt any classes.  None were going on that day so we got to see everything.

There was SO much good art everywhere, it was exhausting trying to take it all in.!  Lots of good places to eat also.

 The mediums, styles and range of art techniques were vast.  The photos I took don't come anywhere even close to showing what all was there.  The only thing I did not see a lot of was blown or cast glass but we did see one or two examples of that.

 The next morning we headed over first thing to Highwater's warehouse for me to pick up some clay and other supplies.  In 25 years of buying their clay I had never been to their store before.!  Very nice people and I highly recommend their products.

Then we headed back out of town to see the North Carolina Arboretum.  Now, there were tons of things to  see in downtown Asheville but I was unfortunately, still having some health issues and not feeling well.  We knew we might have to cut the trip short and had to decide what we really wanted to see most.  Since we had spent all day before in the art district, my next interest was of course, any gardens and the Arboretum does not disappoint.  I highly recommend this place if you are ever in the area.  It was quite beautiful and well designed.

You could easily spend most all day here.

 They have a small but nice little cafe with some pretty good food too!

 Beautiful stonework throughout.

A wonderful assortment of plants and settings.

 And even a fair amount of outside art.  Some of it was not the best I've ever seen but interesting none the less.

They even have a whole garden section for their bonsai collection.  We lucked out that one of the gardeners was working in there when we went through and he was very nice.  We chatted for a wile and he told us lots about the plants and the history of bonsai.

 They have lots of hiking trails of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty.  We took a moderate hike down to the creek, which was very nice but maybe not such a good idea for me.  By the time we got out I think we had decided maybe we should head for home.

Jack wanted to drive at least some of the Blue Ridge Parkway so we took that out of the area and down to Cherokee, I think.

 A nice guy took our photo at this overlook.  Even though I felt fairly crappy through most of it we had a good time.  I really look forward to going on one of our trips where I do NOT feel bad.

So today we are celebrating a little at home.  The super nice lady that made our wedding cake made this little cake for us today, for free!!  It slipped around a bit on the ride home, that's why it looks a little wonky.  But it tastes great!!  We may go out for a small meal tonight but are going to save our big dinner for when I get to feeling better and can eat without getting sick.  I hope that is soon.
I have never believed in any perfect marriage and even the best couples have disagreements but I am grateful to have Jack beside me in life.  He has made this year much easier to take than it would have been on my own.  Whenever we travel or are just at home I never want for anything if he can help or do for me.  I can only hope I am as much an advantage to him as he is to me.  So, Happy First Year to us!!


Kenneth Price said...

A wonderful post. I shall plan a trip to follow your footsteps if you don't object. I am thankful my friend (and yours), Fred Ingram, referred me to your blog a few years ago. I check on your blog every day I check my e-mail and am never disappointed. Love your pottery (or do you perfer ceramics?).

Pablo said...

Congratulations on zipping through your first year together.

Ed said...

We have a restaurant like that one near here in the urban jungle. They call it eating "family style".

Congrats on your first year. May you have many more!

edifice rex said...

Hey Kenneth! Great to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciate encouragement like that from my readers. Please do visit these places! I think you will really enjoy it. That's one reason I post stuff like this; to encourage people to see it themselves if they are able. Oh, and pottery is fine. lol!

Hey Pablo! thank you!! it's been fun!

Hey Ed! thank you!! yeah, I've read about several others restaurants that serve this way; works for me!

JO said...

Congrats on your first year.

To bad you didn't feel up to par for this trip but is sure looked lovely.

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Happy anniversary to you both Annie. Looks like you had a real nice trip, and that one feast, whoa, nice.

ErinFromIowa said...

Awesome trip! Reading it was entertaining and the photos made me happy! A year already?! Time flies! You and Jack are like two peas in a pod. Happy Anniversary!

Bone said...

Congratulations! We always pass a sign on the way to the beach that designates the highest point in Florida. Seems like it's only about 300 feet.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Congratulations on your anniversary !
I stumbled across your blog, from a post of your deck fencing, and was smitten right from the start.
Breathtakingly beautiful photography, you live a life many of us only dream about, you are an amazing lady...

edifice rex said...

Hey JO! thanks! yeah, i was kinda bummed I didn't feel better but we did have fun.

Hey Mark! thanks! yeah, we had a good time and good food!

Hey Erin! thanks! heh, I sometimes think we are more like 2 nuts in a shell! lol!

Hey Bone! thanks! ha! I think we passed that same sign on our honeymoon. We laughed a little about it too!

Hey Jo! well gosh, thank you very much! Glad to have you here too!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated 1st anniversary wished to you, Annie and Jack, and thanks for sharing your celebration trip. I am hoping Annie that you are soon feeling better to have that special dinner celebration. But sharing life together sounds like a celebration every day.