Saturday, November 30, 2013

On A Saturday Night

It's certainly not been everybody's idea of an exciting, fun* filled weekend but we've had an enjoyable time.  First off, I hope all my American readers had a pleasant Thanksgiving with family and friends or whatever tickles your pickle.  Sorry I did not do a post for Thanksgiving and wish you all a nice day then but that's the story lately.  We went up to my family's place and I took along a Caramel Apple Blondie pie, which was very good and I'll give ya'll the recipe soon.  And some of my family actually ate part of it, but then, it was a dessert.  They'll eat that but they often regard my side dishes, like asparagus, brussel sprouts and such with suspicion.  Anyway, that was all uneventful and took most of the day and most of my energy. 
Ya'll know I don't participate in any of the ridiculous behavior of Black Friday but Saturday looked to be quiet all around Alabama because it was the day Auburn and Alabama play.  While everyone else is crammed in front of their TVs it's a great day to go shopping, out to eat or just whatever.  Unfortunately, I just feel too bad lately to trust driving myself, even on a low traffic day, so Jack said he would take me out but we had to go on Friday as he wanted to watch the game.  I had mentioned before that I always used to make a little tradition of going to the Birmingham Museum of Art to buy my Christmas cards so we decided to go there.  It's no where near any shopping malls so we knew it would be fairly stress free and it was.  We had a nice lunch at my favorite Japanese restaurant and then headed to the Museum.  If you are ever in the area the BMA is a must-see, really.  It is a first class museum with a wonderful permanent collection and numerous traveling exhibits.  I always enjoy my time there but alas, they had no Christmas cards to speak of.  I was told they had already sold out of most of them so I'll have to find some somewhere else.  We still had a fun time and Jack had never seen the museum before so that was good.
So, since we had done all that I had also hoped that maybe today I would be able to work on a little pottery.  To be able to throw just a few things would be nice.  But, I just can't seem to be able to get my head clear enough to concentrate and get my hands to go along with it.  I did clean house a little but that doesn't require much thought, just do.  And yes, I've tried throwing foggy headed and I end up recycling most of what I put my hands on.  So, I tended to the chickens a little and then had to lay down for a while.  When I woke it was towards the end of the Auburn-Alabama game and, while I am not a big football person, I did get to see Auburn pull out that miraculous win in the last second!!  Now that was FUN.  The look on Saban's face was priceless.  Most of ya'll know I went to Montevallo but most of my family went to Auburn so, War Eagle baby.

Thank you all for hanging in with me and commenting when you have time.  Thank you especially KB in Toronto for your comment, although I do appreciate them all.  It's just that, because of my ill health lately ya'll know I just don't feel like I'm giving ya'll much to read or look at.  It's been a downer year to say the least and sometime I start to wonder if it even matters if I post anything.  So, KB's comment was timely to say the least but then it always seems to go that way.  One of you will always comment on something right about the time I need encouragement.  Thank you.  Ya'll know I hope to be posting more and of more interesting things but I'm not sure when that will be.  I thought maybe things were improving a bit a few weeks ago but I seem to have relapsed a fair amount and many things are difficult for me now.  It has taken me a long time to write this post for example; so, that's one reason I don't write more.
 And if this post is kinda rambling ya'll just overlook it for me.  I know I'm not writing the best these days but I will get better some how.!

* FUN is Haley's word from the "word" post series! your word may be next!


Podunk Paul said...

Your writing is fine, don't worry about it.

pamit said...

Annie, I'm like you about football. Barely registers except as a measure of crowd density in the grocery store :-). But like you, a couple of Sundays ago I happened on the end of the Denver/Patriots game and was floored by how exciting it was (although Denver lost). Anyway...I always find something to muse upon in your posts. Carry on at your own sweet pace!

Rita said...

I check your blog often. Glad you are taking care of yourself as much as you can. Just rest. I'm sorry about your brain fog. You accomplish a lot when you can so rest now and before long you might find your old self again. At least I sure hope so. Twisted my ankle and can only do the things that have to be done. Otherwise, keep it up while it throbs. Geesh! I like to get things done. Take care and blog as you can.

Kenneth Price said...

Hoping your condition improves, at least enough to make life more "fun". I can sympathize! Love the photo. You have a marvelous camera: detail in rocks great! Love asparagus; any you have send my way. And the museum in Birmingham is great. Haven't been in a year or two but they have a lovely buffet luncheon, although a little expensive. And you can take photos of the art! Where is the Japanese restaurant, if you don't mind? Would love to try it. Thanks again for your interesting blog.

HermitJim said...

It's always nice to hear about what's going on in your corner of the world. I do hope you get clear headed soon, and that you start feeling better!

edifice rex said...

Hey Paul! OK!

Hey Pam! thanks! lol! yeah, I'll admit to getting caught up in a few games.

Hey Rita! oh, I hate to hear about your ankle! hope it heals quickly.

Hey Ken! well, I have a really cheap camera, but thanks! I wish I could afford a really nice one.
We actually started to eat lunch at the museum, because I had heard it was good, but we got hungry on the way. It was a good thing though because turns out, the museum cafe was not open that day.
The Japanese place is Konomi's over in Trussville. It's up there by Kohl's and such. Great food and wonderful sushi! They just started serving bento boxes for lunch. Very affordable and you get a lot of food.

Hey Jim! thanks! I hope so too.

Island Rider said...

I like whatever you write. Take care of yourself!

JO said...

At least you had a good Thanksgiving. And the trip to the Museum the next day. Lunch out and so on. Your trying to stay on top and that's what counts. Know when your done and rest. Keep your chin up no matter how hard it becomes. Know that you are a survivor Annie.

I enjoy reading your blog no matter what it is.

Ed said...

Sushi and a museum sounds like a perfect way to spend black friday. Doing stuff like that is about the only way I go somewhere between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Other than the grocery store, I avoid shopping altogether until sanity comes back in the world.

edifice rex said...

Hey IR! I'se tryin"!

Hey Jo! thanks for the pep talk! I needed it.

Hey Ed! Yeah, I think that was the first time in about 10 years that I actually went out in public on Black Friday. I hate that weekend but I do like to go out at least once closer to Christmas to see the decorations and things.

Anonymous said...

Dear Edifice,
I've been reading your blog for several years but haven't commented in a very long time. I used to read about 14 blogs regularly but have pared down to 5. I would miss yours if you stopped. I check every day and I have yet to find any thing I thought boring. I currently live in Korea and your blogs remind me of home. Take care and write when you can and remember that you have some very loyal readers out here. Hope you feel better soon.

edifice rex said...

Hey Anon! thanks so much! what you've said means a lot to me, truly.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Like Anonymous commented, Annie, I also read your posts more often than I leave comments. And, while I am sure that happens with other bloggers as well. It doesn't mean that we are not caring about how you are and what you and Jack are doing. Just keep writing when you can and feel up to it. Take good care of yourself.