Sunday, November 19, 2006

Working Too Hard

Blogger has gotten me screwed up with the photos here. I started on the second one but had to reload and they are not in the correct order. Anyway, you can get the idea. The Power Company cometh. This is actually on Fred's land coming down to where it connects to us. I hate that so much forest has been cut. Some of the trees were so pretty. I'm in a grumpy mood because of it too and it's my own fault! I asked the power company to come in! Ugh!
They sent their tree cutting subcontractor out to clear the way before they run my lines. I just hate the way they do this but I guess I don't have much choice. At least we convinced them to come in the back way sort of and not start in the front down the driveway. That is a 30 foot wide trail they cut and will have to stay cleared. On the right in the photo is one of the power company's pole markers with the pink flagging on it. This is the pole that will be closest to the house. When the rest of my house is built I will have the power run underground from this pole to the house but right now it's not really in the best place for that. We have kind of gone a little backwards with this part because the power service should really enter the house in the other section but I did not want that section built first due to the fact it is mainly bedrooms. Make sense? It's much easier when you can build your whole house at once but I guess I'm doing the best I can.

Things have not changed a whole lot lately. Stuff has been done but it's in that phase now where most of the work is inside. We have set the main breaker panel inside and done alot of the electrical work and we finished the Tyvek wrap as you can see here. Alot of time has been spent building scaffolding or moving scaffolding etc. But you've got to do it. Some we are going to leave up for awhile 'cause I'll need it again soon for painting and siding etc. I get fairly discouraged sometimes at the rate of progress on the house but there is only so much you can do I guess. We both work 40+ each on regular construction jobs and then both have a 50 minute commute one way. Then we usually have a couple of side projects going on sometimes. Well, I do; Allen has about quit doing side work but I need the money to finance the house. And I sometimes have a project that fufills my half of a barter deal I worked out. Then we have all the regular chores that go with running a house hold like grocery shopping, washing clothes, paying bills etc. and the paper work that goes with running a business if you are self employed. I couldn't imagine if I had kids to go along with all this. We actually went out to a gallery opening on Friday! Haven't been out in a long time. This weekend we did not get alot done. It was cold and gloomy and we sat by a bonfire alot. We did frame a covered walkway section. I hope to set windows over the long Thanksgiving weekend.


pablo said...

I don't suppose you could have run your entire power line underground, could you. We're hoping to do that when we finally build at Roundrock. Not sure how successful we will be given how rocky Ozark ground is, but if we could avoid great swaths of chopped down forest at least a bit, I will pay the extra cost. (Why should it be extra though?)

Rurality said...

Long time no see! Hey guess what. After December, we might be actually starting this process too. Or at least thinking more about it. Keep your fingers crossed! Now all we have to do is to move 50 million pounds of junk out of our old basement...

I loved your previous post too. That house is really something.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! Glad to hear from you folks again. I was beginning to wonder if I was all alone. I could have run it underground although most of the lines being run are actually on Fred's land. I only have 2 posts being set on mine and one's just right on the edge. It is extra too. I believe the price they gave me was $150 flat and then $1 per foot of line run. You have to trench it yourself too ( so that could be even more cost if you have to rent a machine for that) but they will provide you the conduit to put in the trench. As it is now, I'm not having to pay anything. As I said though, I will have that last leg run underground later when the whole house is there and at least now, no power lines will run over my house.

Hey Karen! Yea!! I hope ya'll are able to start soon! Drop by and see us this weekend if you have chance. I promise we won't make you work.
Yes, that house is great and I just learned some even more bizarre information about it. I'll have to post about that soon.