Friday, June 01, 2007

Big Birds

I have been meaning to put up some photos of the job I am on now so when these geese passed through the other day I thought they would be a good story. They were just sort of cruising through the parking lot as we were all arriving for work. They didn't seem bothered by us. This photo is kind of dark because the sun was just coming up. This is a very large job I'm on now; more what I am accustomed to. At it's busiest time there were probably 100-150 men on the site. It's winding down now so there are fewer people there now. It's a big church and I can't say that I am happy to be working on it but it pays good. I like the crew and bosses that I work with but I have some issues nowadays with some big construction.

These guys have been hanging around for some time now. I wonder why they don't go on further north. Anyway, I wrote this post several days ago but Blogger was being a butt and wouldn't post it and then I forgot about it, so here it is now!

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