Monday, October 15, 2007

The Deck, Part 2

Well, I'm finally back to finish the deck posting. Things have really been busy lately. We used 16' boards for the decking and randomly laid them down something like you would do hardwood flooring so that our joints were well staggered. We let the ends run wild and then popped a line where we wanted them cut off and zipped them off with the saw. I'll use that drop to make a little table or stool for the deck maybe.
I used galvanized screws (2") I think, to secure the deck boards. Two screws per joist. Pressure treated lumber wants to warp badly as it dries and this will hopefully hold and keep the boards straighter than nailing would. Screws don't back out. This was my job as Allen can't stay bent over all day anymore like I can. But it wasn't without repercussans for me either. I was sore the whole next day. Pressure treated lumber also shrinks quite a bit so you want to fit the boards as tight as possiblle to one another. As it dries you will get a little gap between each board but if they are tight to begin with, it will be minimal.

This past weekend we built a small temporary ramp up to the deck for moving large objects (like furniture!) into the house and finally got the ceiling fans installed. The house has been very cool in the mornings now that we are in the low 50's at night but when the apartment is getting uncomfortably warm in the afternoon, the house is still so nice and cool. No air conditioning is needed, where as we still need it regularly at the apartment.

I will try to post again soon. There is much to tell, both here and I have some good stories from work that I think you will enjoy. I have not been feeling so well lately so I am behind on news. My ticker is not working so good and they have me all wired up with this contraption tonight to find out why. My heart wears me out, especially since we have been working 6 days a week now but I will try to catch up soon! I appreciate everyone who reads this blog and hope somebody gets some decent info out of it.


pablo said...

Can one sit on your deck in a comfy chair and drink beer?

The deck on the back of my suburban house is a textbook example of all the things that can go wrong. Warping, shrunken boards. Popped nails. Spinters. Where the ends meet, the wood has rotted. I need to replace the whole thing, but I'd rather just go to the woods.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Northern Neighbor,

Glad to see things are still progressing there. How is your water source holding up under this severe drought? Any new ideas on filters, etc.?

Sounds like you may need to cut back on your workload, at least until it cools off for the fall/winter.

We came up last week and worked but took Saturday off and went to Elijay, Gerogia to get some apples. The mountains between Elijay and Dalton on Hwy 52 are breathtaking, take a day off and give em' a gander.

Take care and take it easier.

Woody said...

Pablo makes a wonderful suggestion. Ya'll pull those lawn chairs out and prop those tired dawgs on the cooler.

edifice rex said...

Yes, Pablo, one can sit on the deck in some fairly comfy chairs ( I need to work on that too) and drink beer although I prefer a good Southern whiskey. George Dickle #7...with a little Coke maybe.

Hey Anon, The spring is doing quite well. It seems to be holding at the normal level for summer, in fact, it is up just a little right now. We did have one scare when Allen left the garden hose running for 6 hours and it pumped the well down within about one foot of the foot valve but it recovered within an hour probably after we shut the water off. I could have beat him! I believe I am going to have to go with a large sand sediment filter that backwashes itself on a regular schedule. The little weeney filters I bought just are not working. I wish I could cut back but I just don't see how I can. The guys try to help me out at work by giving me some of the less strenous stuff to do. I will try to take it a little easier though.

Yeah, Woody, it is a good suggestion and one I really need to take.