Friday, December 14, 2007

Come Together

Sorry to have been absent for a while. I've been working a lot at night down at the house and just haven't felt much like blogging really. My stress level is pretty high right now. I want so bad to move into the house before Christmas and it is really coming down to the wire. All I lack to be able to stay there is heat. I finished the shower completely, I hung and finished the sheetrock in the back of the closet that I had open for the shower valves etc. I just need to paint that now. I took the humongous scaffolding down!! I have room in the living room now! All of the filter media etc. finally came and we got that running. That is what these photos show.
The filter is this giant thing that has a gravel-like medium in the bottom (about 10") and then on top of that is this "Micro Z" stuff. Which is a natural mineral that is mined and ground up to resemble coarse sand, fired in a kiln and sifted. It is supposed to filter down to 5 microns, which is pretty fine. It may have been overkill (regular sand will go down to 20 microns) but I'm not taking any chances any more. It took all day to run the filter through the stages and flush out all the dust in the media. I was surprised at that. You would think they would wash the stuff or something before they send it to you. It took about 3 hours of running water to flush everything and get it working but it is great now. The water is sooo clear! I have the filter set to backwash itself every 3 days I believe. This cycle takes about 50 minutes. It washes out through the septic system so it has to tied into a drain line somewhere. I am very pleased with the system so far and the company that I ordered from which was Excel Water Technologies. They were very fast to answer questions and call me back when the media stuff did not show up. I would really recommend these people if you are looking for a filter.

I bought a Christmas tree. It is sitting out in the yard. I am waiting until I can move in to put it up. I have always thought it was funny that a holiday could bring about a state of mind where it is considered normal to drag the biggest tree you can get into your house and stand it up. Any other time people would think you were mad. It would be the best Christmas I ever had if I were able to wake up in my house on Christmas morning this year. The gas lines are almost all run. I have to work all weekend but Allen is going to put in the last of the lines tomorrow. I couldn't do that anyway but I am going refrigerator shopping after I get off work tomorrow. I think I finally found what I want. The gas company said they would be at the house Monday morning to set the tank so I could have heat by Monday night. Not sure when I'll be back but I'll let ya'll know if it looks like I'll make it in before the 24th.


Floridacracker said...

"micro Z"?
Is it zeolite?

That's a pretty amazing volcanic rock material, excellent for filtering. The fish farming industry uses it like crazy.

My Christmas wish for you is that y'all get in that house by Christmas Day!

Anonymous said...

I'm crossing my fingers that you get your wish. (That means more posts from you, so everybody wins!)


edifice rex said...

Thanks for your well wishes guys! I am still a little discouraged right now though. This sudden overtime at work is killing me.

I think it is zeolite FC. Allen printed some info off the computer and I'll check into it. Interesting stuff; I'll try to post something on it.

karl said...

maybe during the summer you could back flush to your garden?

i'm excited for you to get into the house.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Press on! I hope you get in the house for Christmas with a little time to spare so you won't be totally exhausted and stress for the actual day.

Is your water sp suspect that you need such a high tech filter? My water comes directly from the Temagami River. I have one filter to remove floating particles. The water is wonderful. I consider it a privilege to live on such a pristine river.

edifice rex said...

Hey karl! I'm excited too! I would have to put in some type of diverting valve to keep the backwashed water from going into the septic system but that is a good idea.

Hello Philip! Yes, I hope I have a little time to relax but I'm not real hopeful; however, I think I'll be so happy that it won't matter much.
Actually, the water here from my spring is very good, it just has a lot of sediment (mostly sand and clay) so that the small canister-type filter I first bought was not enough to remove it all. I have had the water tested 3 times and it always comes back with great results. A tiny bit hard but very clean. This county is blessed with many natural springs and I am very lucky to have 2 on my land. You ARE very lucky also to have such a good source of water. This last filter I bought is actually a simple one, it just cleans itself. That part makes it a little high tech but well worth it to me!