Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Travelin' Man

I tell ya, I feel like I am really falling down on ya'll lately. I just don't feel like I am writing about much of anything. I thought I might have some interesting things to relate from this weekend trip Jack and I took but, not so much so. Or, the thought just popped into my head, maybe I am experiencing a bit of shyness when it comes to writing about my private adventures. Hhhmm. Not sure; it's not like Jack and I were up to no good while visiting the Parthenon here. Hell, it was so cold that day I wasn't about to part with even the slightest bit of clothing. Heh.
Well, anyway, the holidays are practically over so I'm sure I'll be back to the tasks around home pretty quick.
This quick trip to Nashville was suppose to be so I could restock on clay but the supplier I use up there stopped carrying the one clay I like. Dammit. Happens every time. Now I'm gong to have to try to find a dealer in Georgia or just bite the bullet and have it shipped from North Carolina. Or start using a more local clay. Piss.
We saw a few sights while in Nashville but a lot of things were closed since we went up on Sunday. Jack used to live there, so he knew the whole city. That was great; he knew how to get everywhere and I just had to ride along.

The columns and the Parthenon were much larger than I would have imagined. For those who are not familiar with this structure, it is a full scale replica of the original Parthenon, complete with the enormous statue of Athena inside. We didn't get to see that however.

This was the Gaylord-Opryland Hotel. We did not stay here by the way. Much too expensive, but we went through it to see the Christmas lights. It's like a 4 acre arboretum under glass. Pretty cool.

These were the lights out front. Way down where those brightest trees are there was a full-size Nativity scene. I was kinda surprised to see a religious display like that on commercial property but I guess it's still legal. For now anyway. It was very well done.

So, I didn't get my clay but I got some other supplies and we had a blast, as usual. I like traveling with Jack because he just makes it so easy. He's very accommodating and we just take our time and enjoy ourselves. Even if I'm not feeling well, like Sunday night, we have fun and laugh at what we can. It's so nice to be with somebody like that.

I have completed one project at the house that I've been working on for a while so I'll show that next time. Nothing real exciting but it is helping immensely on organizing the basement. Got a few other projects underway that I will show soon also.
I guess I am wanting this blog to focus more on what I am trying to accomplish here now, more than just whatever hits my brain. I think this is because I feel more focus now and really feel I should knuckle down and make a concerted effort to move into a truly self-sufficient life. Lots of things are stimulating this move, like Jack being here and me loosing my job. But those are good things and I think bringing this place to fruition is a good thing too.
Don't worry though; I'm not going to get boring and all. Ya'll know stupid things are still going to happen to me!


HermitJim said...

I think that a little stupid falls into the lives of us all, from time to time!

But that's what makes life so interesting, right?

JoJo said...

At least the trip wasn't a total lose you did enjoy yourself.
I keep telling myself I am going out to take pictures and start blogging more regular but I don't. I think I better get that battery for my RV and get on the road. Maybe that will help.

Ed said...

It's a shame that you didn't go inside to see the rest of the place. It was pretty neat when I visited it last year. But because I like you Annie, you can just read my archived blog entry and see a picture of her that I took.

What kind of clay do you use that is so special? I'm sure if you want Edina clay, my parents will sell you a whole farm full of it.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! yeah, it makes it interesting alright! lol!

Hey Jojo! yes, we did enjoy ourselves and I did get a few items I needed.
Well, sometimes we need a break from blogging. When you need to blog again you'll feel like it.

Hey Ed! Well, we wanted to go inside, and certainly would have, but it was closed and locked up and was also closed on monday, so we couldn't come back to see it the next day. Thanks for your link though!!
Ha! I bet your parents would sell me some clay! There is a particular formula they make in North Carolina that I like and have just got used to using. It's a prettier color when fired than most clays.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Even without getting the clay it sounded like a good trip for you and Jack, Annie.

Woody said...

You were running around in my old stomping grounds. I spent eight years in Nashville. Worked right up the street from the Parthenon in a bar called the Gold Rush. That was a long time ago...


edifice rex said...

Hey Beatrice! Yeah, it was fun!!

Hey Woody! well, when I read Ed's link I saw on that where you were saying you lived there for a while. I just cannot imagine you as a bartender for some reason. :D

Woody said...

That was a different world I lived in...LOL

edifice rex said...

I know exactly what you mean Woody! ;)