Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Same Feeling, Different Song

Well, actually, that peaceful, zen feeling that normally abides here has been kicked in the head a little today. I feel like crap and I am in a major piss off mood. My allergies have been real bad this spring and I guess the medicine is taking it's toll. It makes me groggy and grumpy sometimes. Plus, it's hotter than 700 hells and muggy. I have retreated down to my cave earlier today to glare out at any unsuspecting passerby's (mostly Chigger) and throw some clay around. At least having a basement studio means it's cool in the summer.
When I came up for lunch I saw quite a lot of critters out enjoying the heat of the day however. The little anole (I think) was not even making an attempt to camouflage himself. He was as bright a green as I've ever seen one.

This is one of the larger dragonfly species around here. They have a wingspan of 5 to 6 inches easy. I don't see a lot of these but every once in awhile one will come around. They are not as friendly as some of the others and won't stand for much picture taking. One reason it's blurry; he wouldn't let me get too close.

I meant to show ya'll this the other day but kept forgetting. I had gone for a walkabout a couple of days after that bad storm and tornado to clean up some of the debris that had been scattered across my land. I showed ya'll some of that. Well, I went up the ridge behind the house and was scouring over the wooded areas. A lot of people had been finding personal items, photos etc. and if there was anything like that on my land I wanted to find it so it could be returned possibly to the owners. I didn't find anything besides house parts though. Anyway. I stopped on a deer trail to rest and set my basket down, blah, blah and just about walked over this. When I picked the basket up I saw these antlers underneath. I couldn't believe it. The whole time I've lived here I have looked for shed antlers and never found any. The one day I was looking for other stuff and stumbled right on these. And what a beautiful set! That's about the way it goes though, with everything in life. Stop looking and you'll find it!
I also found several large huckleberry bushes that were loaded with fruit. I tried to flag them so maybe I can go back later when the berries are ripe and get some before the critters.

Okay, now I'm going to tell ya'll how stupid I am sometimes. I cooked spaghetti last night using the baked spaghetti squash because I've been meaning to see if it would be a suitable substitute for pasta. Jack doesn't eat much pasta because he adheres to a great degree to the Zone diet. And considering his fitness level and build, I can't complain, so I try to accommodate his diet when I can. Now, all the time I was thinking about this squash I thought, if it's good I'll order some seed and grow some. It wasn't until I was picking the seeds out of the squash before baking it that I realized why I'm stupid sometimes.
*heeehhhhh* I'm going to blame it on the allergies.


Ed said...

Unfortunately I don't have smell-i-vision installed on this computer. That squashetti looks awesome though.

Anonymous said...

We do home grown spag squash in Maine with pesto- serious YUM! And if we can grow them like weeds in our short season you should get them by the concrete truck full! Enjoy! Sal

Sissy said...

Sissy said...
I've got to get me some of that seed too. Actually have never tried spaghetti squash.

I'd like a copy of the picture of your tiny green jewel; I call them lizards and love them. He is dazzling for sure. No lizards here, only those blasted woodborer bees, today swarming my deck , where I live in the summer. Apparently they have finished eating my storage buildings already! They are impossible to get rid of. Surely there is a remedy. HELP! Got any ideas? Anyone?

HermitJim said...

Looks pretty good to me! Nice find on the antlers! Funny how that works out, right?

About the mood...I think we all have days like that from time to time!

Don't worry! We still love ya!

Anonymous said...


Hope you get to feeling better, Ronnie has fits with his allergies too.
I've put off coming up that way to live for a couple of years, need to stay down here to help look after the old folks(our time will come).
I found pieces of a Social Security card on my place, turned it over to the police. All kinds of siding, insulation, coloring books, etc. You don't know what you have until it's you lose it.
At least people turned out in force to offer help, gives you reason to hope that the there is some good left in the world.

You take care, enjoy your blog.


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog with interest. I know what you mean about the DUHH moments - like the seeds! I am 70 and they still happen, so don't worry about it.
My favourite squash is butternut, but I have a small shaded garden and squash love heat and sun. I am happy with my lettuce and spinach so far. Happy Growing. Peg