Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Get It While You Can

I guess this is just a little photo update of what's going on around here now.  Whole different set of plants blooming now in the driveway flower bed.  The daisy-like flowers in the foreground is Feverfew.  I need to pick a good supply of the flowers to dry for tea.  It funny 'cause last summer these disappeared but I guess the seeds survived in the ground and came up this year.

I FINALLY got a clematis vine to bloom!  It's not very big but has lovely flowers on it.  I'm not sure why I have such trouble with these.

Most of the garden is doing quite well.  On the right you can see the first bits of the peas and green beans coming up.

The broccoli has done much better this year; larger heads and all.  I have harvested about 4 quarts of the stuff so far.  Ate two and froze two.  I still have about 6 plants that I have not touched.  I may pull up some of the ones I've cut and use the space to plant some more hot weather crops and leave a few broccoli to produce the occasional side crop, if it will.  I'll sow another crop towards fall to try to have some for the winter.

The raspberries are doing great!!  Fingers crossed!  The birds have been rough on my strawberries and I had to put netting over them; may have to do the same with these.  I'm not much on preserving raspberries so I'll probably just gorge myself on them fresh!  It's a fine trade-off to me.  Fresh, plump berries for a few weeks as opposed to mushy, mediocre berries all year round.

Good bug or bad bug??  He didn't seem to be eating my plant; just kinda hanging out.  Beautiful design work on 'em.  Maybe a warning symbol to birds not to eat?

Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird have raised one brood already this year and have started on their second!  I moved their nesting box into the fenced garden area after those damn raccoons ate their babies last year.  Now all those coons will get is a handful of hot wire if they try to get at them.  The bluebirds really seem to enjoy this area, even with us occasionally working in the garden.  And they patrol the garden regularly for bugs to feed their babies and themselves.  The garden is really starting to deliver the goods and all the critters like the birds and worms and such are very active in it.  I think I'm almost as proud of the garden as I am of the house.


ErinFromIowa said...

You do know I loved this whole dingity dang post? I swear it is the next best thing to actually being out in the garden myself. I do know clematis likes to be warm on top and cool on the bottom. Maybe you got it just right? The bluebirds... oh I got all verklempt.

Carolyn said...

You certainly have reason to be proud; everything looks so good. That tiny beetle looks almost like a ladybug and we know they are very beneficial. Now what can I use to deter potato bugs? They have arrived as a crowd overnight. That blue clematis is a favorite of mine but I too have not much luck with them. You must have a trigger finger to have caught that shot of the eastern bluebird. Aren't they a delight for the eyes?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Annie, beautiful colors on those blooms and that broccoli looks good enough to eat - which you did! Not sure about the bug ID, but could be in the ladybug/beetle family. I'd be a bit suspicious of any on veggie leaves.

pamit said...

Annie, that's a harlequin bug and yes, they are pests: The Harlequin Bug is a stink bug that is identified by it red and black spotted colors and long, flat, shield-shaped body. They are pests of cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, horseradish, collards, mustard, Brussels sprouts, tomato,
potato, egg plant, okra, beans, asparagus, beets, weeds, fruit trees and field crops. They are found in the southern half of the United States and rarely found north of Colorado and Pennsylvania.


Pam in CO

Ed said...

We have had climatis plants over the years and they always seem to thrive but they are planted in the afternoon shade of a large silver maple tree. They only get sunlight in the morning to mid morning hours. Perhaps you have them planted where they get too much sun?

molly said...

Things are looking wonderful Annie, you should have a huge grin goin on!

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! ohh, it's okay; we'll just talk amongst ourselves!! lol!

Hey Carolyn! I LOVE bluebirds; always have. He was hanging around a lot that day so it was easy to get several shots of him. I am not sure at all what will get rid of potato bugs!

Hey Bea! Thanks!

Hey Pam! oh thanks! yeah, he's no good for anything then! I'll squish him if i see 'em again!

Hey Ed! I don't know; I've tried various locations over the years. They are in full sun pretty much now and I see them other places in sun. I have 2 so I may move one to a place that gets afternoon shade, like you say, and see which one does better.

Hey Molly! thanks! I do!