Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back To Where We Started From

So, Jack and I have been home for about a week now.  I must confess I have been very tired from the trip so I've just been laying low a bit.  Well, that and I've had to start throwing again in earnest to get a jump on the many pottery orders I have.  One of the stores I sell through does corporate gift baskets and they start early to get their baskets in time for the holidays.
As you may see from the flowers and such, fall is in full swing here.  In fact, it's been quite cold here the past couple of days.  Well, cold for us anyway, for this time of year.  We were enjoying a wonderful Indian summer last week but that has ended abruptly.  I truly hate to see summer go even though I do enjoy fall.
So, we are through with the festivities and back down to gardening and chicken business!

Due to that nice, aforementioned Indian summer, the eggplants and peppers are doing great!  I'm still harvesting peppers of various kinds and hope to get a few more eggplant before the frost gets them.  The raspberries are still going strong and I even picked a few strawberries this week!

I actually managed to get most of my fall/ winter garden planted before the wedding so all that is doing pretty well.  I have one short row of bok choy (upper right), 2 rows of broccoli and just one row of cabbage.  We have eaten all of the last sauerkraut I made and I am really wanting some more!  I still need to finish mulching here also.

I planted about half of the coldframe in loose leaf lettuce and it's doing well.  We enjoyed our first salad from here the other night. Can't decide if I want to do more lettuce or carrots in the other half.  Well, it may be too late for carrots anyway.

The fig trees have received their heavy winter mulch and I got Jack to mulch the tea shrubs also.  They are still doing well and I hope to see some good growth from those things come spring.

The chickens are doing great and seemed to mature a bit while we were gone, getting their tail feathers and such.  They're looking like real chickens now!  Unfortunately, the roosters are also starting to rehearse their crowing.  Mostly they just sound like someone stepped on a squeaky toy.

We let them into the defunct okra patch to scour around for bugs and such.

I just love my little Speckled Sussex.  They are so sweet and talkative.  They are also quite spoiled and waste no time scolding me if they feel I've slighted them their treats or such! 

So, these next few weeks are going to be very busy but it's a good busy.  Lots and lots of pottery to make and I still want to put up what few remaining fruits and veggies we have such as the peppers and apples.  Our apple trees are not producing yet but Jack bought a couple of sacks from a local orchard so those need drying.


Floridacracker said...

Glad you made it home safe and that you have lots of pottery to throw!

ErinFromIowa said...

Sweet mama! If that is what you call laying low! Lots of projects going on there. The Sussex are cute as can be.

Pablo said...

I'll be eager to read about your olive trees in the years to come!

pamit said...

Welcome back, married lady. Thanks for the chix pix.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! thanks! yeah, the drive home was uneventful, albeit long. lol!

Hey Erin! well, I guess I meant laying low from blog land! lol!

Hey Pablo! lol! well, we'll see. Valdosta is a bit more southern than here but I'll probably give it a go!

Hey Pam! thanks! and you're welcome.

HermitJim said...

The best part of any trip is the coming home!

Bet the hens were glad to see you!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Well as they say, there's no place like home, and glad to read that you and Jack made it home and back to the day to day stuff.