Monday, September 09, 2013


New bird in town.

Old birds enjoying a cool watermelon slushy on a hot day.

Winding down.


Winding up!


Cardinal flower....?


Early morning walk.


Native fern #3

I hope you all are doing well out there.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Just not a lot going on around here.  I did complete a successful firing and was able to take a small load of pottery into Birmingham the other day.  The stores are starting to call and express concern about dwindling stock though, so I've got to try to kick it up a little.  I've been trying to get the garden cleaned up and ready for fall too.  Got my seedlings ready to go in.  Hopefully, Jack can help me in that regard.  Chickens, Chigger and Callie are all doing fine.  All spoiled as ever.


JO said...

signs of fall looking good. Sure wish we were seeing it here.
I have never seen a cardinal flower before sure is beautiful.

Rita said...

Annie, I enjoy your posts even if they are few at times. I like to know about your health because I especially thought that the chiropractor was very wise on his ideas about the spine and nerves to other organs. It explains a lot about this body of mine. Your pottery has really taken off. I know whatever you do will bring in what you need to cover expenses etc. Somehow I have and I would never have believed it. I just stay frugal for the most part and enjoy an extra now and then. It's a good life and I'm sure better on the days you feel well.

HermitJim said...

It's always good to get an update from your house, my friend!

The hens do seem to be enjoying that watermelon!

Floridacracker said...

Glad all is well. Looks like cardinal flower to me!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! Yes, I love the cardinal flowers; wish I had lots more!

Hey Rita! I think the chiropractor is a good way to go and I feel positive that it will help in the long run. It is a very good life, even days when I feel like crap! I'm also very thankful to have Jack. He's a great support to me.

Hey Jim! Thanks! glad you enjoy them!

Hey FC! thanks! yeah, I was pretty sure that's what that was but I'm not the greatest at flower ID.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Always enjoy reading the updates on house, garden, critters, glad to read you were able to do some pottery making, which I know brings you joy.

pamit said...

I miss cardinal flowers from when I lived in VA and worked in MD. Would walk along the canal every day at lunch and see those, and Joe Pye weed, at this time of year. Thanks for the memory!

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! thanks! yes, it has made me happy to be able to fling a little mud!

Hey Pam! you're welcome! oh we have the Joe Pye weed here too; I guess a lot of the same type wildflowers up there.