Monday, July 21, 2014

Dish It Out

I believe I had promised ya'll some photos of the new designs in clay I have been working on  so here ya go!  I am not entirely satisfied with these results but I think they are a good start.  I have really been trying to come up with a more sophisticated or professional look to my work and I have been pleased so far.  I've been working with a white clay, which is a huge departure for me, but I really love it and just trying to really focus on good craftsmanship but with a little more "flair".

I'm not sure that I like the really white glaze here and am looking for more of a off-white or cream and in a satin finish instead of this gloss.  The blue accents should be more of a bronzy- green also; I had the glaze a bit thin on this trial.  Of course, there are tons of color combinations this would look good with but I was trying to lighten up a bit!  I have always used a rather dark, earthy palate in my ceramics and I think a change would be good.
I have a Facebook page for just my artwork and these dishes were not particularly well received when I posted them there.  I had a few 'likes' but not what I often get.  Everyone who has seen them in person has been very complimentary though.  Haha!  Maybe they were just being polite!  At any rate, the only thing that matters is if I like them and like I said, I am still in the experimenting stage here.  I think though that this is a good lead and will eventually result in a series I really like.


ErinFromIowa said...

I like them. They spoke to me.

Pablo said...

I like them. I like the color combination.

Anonymous said...

The colors are certainly a big change from your normal palette. A fine contrast for 'colorful' food, no doubt. Yeah, a good way to picture/show this pattern - w/food!

Often wondered about the squared cup style and how you create it. Thinking I'd be a klutzy-dribbling-drinker. I have a squared-edge bowl like this and must empty liquid from a corner. Enlighten us, will ya?

texasann said...

I love the shape and lighter color. I,too, wonder about your shaping. I did a little ceramic-ing in the old days, but always with molds, pouring my own. Do you free-form on the wheel, use molds, or a combonation of the two? I really like the mug shape, and just a touch of drizzly brown. Reminds me of some I picked up in Japan years ago.
Keep up the good work!

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! thanks! they've been speaking to me in my mind for some time so it was nice to get them out!

Hey Pablo! thanks! I do like the color too but still not sure about that glossy white. I think a satin white will be better.

Hey Anon! Yes, I thought about posting some photos with food on them! And I have been using them also to decide if they are practical. I'll show ya'll the how-tos on making them.

Hey Ann! thanks! that is a great compliment to me because I have always loved Japanese ceramics and feel they have a heavy influence on my work.

JO said...

Annie, I like the new shape and the lighter colors. I like the more mat colors myself, but do have gloss pieces also.

what is your fb page under?

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! I like a more satin finish also, I just had this gloss white already mixed up so I used it just for the color. Still looking for a satin white or so.
My FB page is Dragon Valley Artwork.