Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Throw Sum Mo

    That title says it all!  I've really been trying to keep the ol' nose to the grindstone lately and turn out a fair amount of work.  I'm no where near full speed yet but I'm certainly doing better than I was.  Good enough that I applied to my first show for this year.  Next month in fact's a 3-day show, so that just shows ya what a glutton for punishment I am.  No reason to start out slow, ya know?  Well, the show is one I used to do regularly and it was always profitable, and it's only 30 minutes away from home.  So....there you go.
    I also had to go through standards (a judging procedure) this week to reenter a fine craft guild I used to belong to.  They have one show a year that is usually VERY good and good to participate in for exposure.

    I threw for a few hours today and right towards the end I could tell I was getting tired.  My hands get tired a lot easier than they used to.  And then I actually dropped a mug.  Haven't done that in a very long time.  I only had 2 more to go to finish the board I was on, so after I finished those I said that's enough for one day.  It was time for supper anyway.

    I also managed to get a large load of dinnerware and mugs out to my stores before I started production for this show.  I was very glad of that.  Now I can just concentrate on doing for the show.  Well, I may be able to take a few more pieces in to the others.  This new color scheme/ design is selling really well.  I like it quite a lot myself.  I just need to come up with about 2 more color variations.

    I will straight way say this is a very poor example of my show booth but it was all I could scrape together at the time.  This show requires a LOT of documentation that each craftsperson actually makes what they intend on selling and this past week I have had to work my butt off to get photos of everything, even including my raw materials, and get it sent in, in a reasonable amount of time before the deadline.  And of course, they want at least one photo of your show set-up, so they can see you have the correct color/ type tent.  Well, it has been years since I did a show; I didn't even have a tent anymore.  What was left of it got taken to the scrapyard last year and my shelves are just a shambles (which is why I photographed it from this particular angle, lol!)  You can't see that they are not actually complete.  But they will be before the show time.  I had to get a new tent and round all this stuff up, including dragging out every last piece of pottery I could locate around here, set all this up in the yard before an impeding thunderstorm arrived, take photos and then get it all taken back down and put up.  I know it does not look great but it is basic and all there.  At showtime I will have a banner and more decorations for a more complete look.  Jack was kinda scratching his head, wondering if it really mattered that much but it really does.  The better your booth looks, the more people perceive your work to be worth.  It's all image, baby.  Haha!

    So, things are quite busy here but I'll try to have some more posts soon.  We have several new things going and things to tell about.  My fertilizing last month seems to be paying off as all the fruiting trees, shrubs etc. are getting loaded with baby fruit.  I'm excited about that.  I would love to be able to bake a real homemade cherry pie this year!!


HermitJim said...

I'm glad you are going ahead and doing another show. I hope you do very well at it.

I'm happy that you seem to be able to be a bit more active! I'm pulling for ya!

JO said...

Your going to do just great in this show. I know how much work it takes to get these shows set up and have enough stock. So happy your able to do more these days just don't overdue.

Maggie said...

Beautiful, beautiful pottery!!

ignatz said...

I'd LOVE to have the fallen mug....doesn't even need a handle.
I did the same thing with my display in January!! Insane but important....anxious about being a dancing bear again but will put my spotted shoes on and dance...let us know how your shows's tough but fun...and sometimes worth it.
You look great, so glad to see pots gathering.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

I really like the beige yellow/brown color combination. How about something in navy and yellow? I thought I read you make your own colorings, too, and I don't have a clue how to make navy blue. I just like the combination, and would love to have some more of your work - maybe a small covered jar or small pitcher.

Ed said...

I like going to art shows and walking into open booths like yours. So many have three sides to hang artwork on and when they hold them in July and August, it is like walking into an oven.

I'm surprised with the prevalence of photo editing software, that even sending in photos is enough proof for them. What surprises me more is that you even need proof. Is there that many people sneaking into art shows and trying to sell Chinese made pottery?

ErinFromIowa said...

Looooove when you talk about ceramics, especially throwing. If I was there I would have you fetch all your festive scraps of material. Send Jack off to find me a bunch of good looking twine. Then, I would sew you up some eye catching bunting to adorn your booth with!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but every time I see an attractive woman at the wheel I hear the Righteous Brothers singing "unchained melody" and expect to see Patrick Swayze walk up behind her! ha ha ha Good luck with you show!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks man! yeah, I still hurt but I am able to be more active so I've got to take advantage of that.

Hey Jo! thanks! yeah, trying to not get carried away!

Hey Maggie! thank you!

Hey Page! you got it! what color? I enjoy the shows really...but yeah, they can wear you out in more ways than one. lol!

Hey Sis! I generally shy away from blues. Not any harder to make blue glazes but they can get quite expensive due to the cobalt required. And, blue is pretty overdone; it's like!

Hey Ed! yeah, I try not to hang all 3 sides for that reason, although we have to have them to close up at night.
You would actually be surprised how many people will try to pass off fakes or repos. I know I was. One thing I heard, was that some people were going around to yard sales, thrift stores etc. and buying any pottery they could find, then, sandblasting off the signatures and signing their own. I was astounded somebody would go to that much trouble.

Hey Erin! Oooh, and I bet it would be fabulous! Bunting is an idea....I'll have to think about that.

Hey Rat! Haha! Yeah, that movie has been a curse and a blessing to all us potters! thanks!

ignatz said...

Annie, you choose the color....neato...let me know when it's ready, how much, etc.