Sunday, January 10, 2016

Something To Talk About

 First, a big thanks to all of you that left a comment on my last couple of posts.  I appreciate hearing from you and I do want to revive my posting a bit.  I don't think I'm through with this blog by any means.  Maybe just taking a breather.  I am feeling a bit better.  I think I have made some important discoveries in my health issues and I'll tell ya'll all about that.  I'm still learning and experimenting though and sometimes stuff backfires on me and I end up feeling like crap for a few days, so I still have that to contend with.

I'll also admit I just got kinda fed up with a few things here that I have not mentioned..  Social media can be a great way to make friends and connect with people and it can also astound you with people's pettiness and hateful attitudes.  After my post in October I had a couple people send me some fairly smarmy, sarcastic emails as if they knew anything about what was going on in my life.  Then this other "acquaintance" was reading my blog posts and then running back to her Facebook page to post lengthy ramblings about how my post was totally stupid and wrong.  Didn't have the backbone to disagree with me on my blog.  And the subject matter and timing was so specific it was not coincidence or such.  I'll admit that being in pain every day shortens your temper and patience quite a lot and that was part of the reason I just said "f**k it" for a while.  Plus, I just did not seem to be contributing anything constructive with complaining about how bad I felt all the time.  Long time readers who also disappeared seemed to back that up.  Who wants to hang out with a crank all the time?

 We also lost about 6 of our girls this year.  Some of that has made me very sad.  You may remember in one of my last posts that Little Red had been injured badly by a rooster we had and I was trying to nurse her back to health.  Well, it just wasn't meant to be; she wasn't going to be able to walk again and had stopped eating so I had to put her down.  We had a couple more die just suddenly (not sure why) and the rooster got taken off to another farm.  Then, one of my favorites, Susie, finally lost her battle with some kind of internal issues she had been having for over a year.  The medicine just seemed to stop working and she died.  She was one that loved to sit in my lap and be petted.  Jack found her down early one morning and held her and petted her until she passed away, so she wasn't alone. 

 So, we have about 15 hens left and thankfully they all seem real healthy.  The two little Silkies we adopted are doing great and are fitting in real well with the big girls.

This past year was very hard to say the least.  A lot of bad emotions and hard times but I am leaving it all behind and looking forward to a much better year.  I'm trying out some new stuff as far as making a living and art and I'll tell ya'll more about that soon.  And, I will post some more about my health discoveries and how I've been feeling better.

You may have also noticed that I put up a link to the new 2016 calendar I made this year.  I'm not sure why I make those things other than I like to use them and my Mom always gets a kick out of the one I give her! is one of the only sales pitches you'll ever see me post or allow on this blog:  if you have enjoyed my blog for some time and have the money I would certainly appreciate any purchases.  I don't allow ads here or ask for tips like a lot of bloggers do (which is fine) but I'll be honest, writing this blog over the years has taken a lot of time, especially with the photos, and it would be a help to me if you could purchase a calendar or two.  They are very reasonably priced and very well made.  Just like the kind you would buy in a book store.  In fact, they are printed nicely on thick card stock and many of the photos would be suitable for framing later.  For those that just can't afford it though, I completely understand.

I've heard a number of folks say last year was pretty crappy and I hope we all enjoy a better year in 2016!!
So what have ya'll been up too?  Any big changes?


ErinFromIowa said...

A post from you is a shiny spot in my day! So sorry to hear about your chickens passing away. I know they lived the life with you and Jack. I'm trying to stay warm here in Iowa. Near zero temps. I had to shut all the doors and camp out in the room with the thermostat. That slowed down the furnace running constantly, a wee bit. My apartment is on the top northwest corner. Brrr.

Island Rider said...

Hey! I still read though I don't often post. Don't have the energy. Didn't want you to think I was disappointed or angry. I enjoy your posts even the cranky ones. Makes me feel not so alone. Here's to a better new year for all of us.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Delighted to hear from you, Annie! And grateful to hear you're feeling some better. You are in my thoughts and prayers, so I'll continue to keep up with your blog, no matter how infrequent. I still love reading your construction and art project stories!
And new art? I'm intrigued! I would still love to have a couple of your casseroles if you have any left after the last major show. Love the mugs I have ~
And Love the new header, too. I'll miss Chigger's pic, but our feathered friends are a delight this time of year, aren't they? A bright spot in a sometimes dull and gray day ...
My calendar order is on the way ~

Ed said...

Always read your posts but don't always comment unless I feel I can ad something to the conversation or make a witty comment about it, in my mind anyway. I can't do either with this post so I'm breaking the rule.

Anonymous said...

I'm guilty of never commenting but I always read your posts and I worry about you when you don't post. I've been following your blog for years, starting with you building your house. I love hearing about whatever you want to write about. When you follow a blog for a long time that person sorta becomes family, right? Well, I'm guilty of jumping on my stationary bike and checking on all my cousins on Facebook, but I rarely comment, I'm just happy they're alive and kicking, lol! I guess this social media thing has us all messed up. We used to call or write letters, now we just look at pics, read posts and move on down the line. It's kinda sad. So my resolution this year was to actually make contact this year! But man... It's a time suck, isn't it? Ha! Anyway. Hi Annie! I'm still here and doing well. Glad to hear that you're improving, health-wise.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! Oh goodness! I hope you get at least some reprieve from that kind of cold! I am thankful that I don't have to deal with that at least. I could not handle cold like that.

Hey IR! Oh I know you still read and I certainly understand why you don't feel like commenting a lot of the time. Don't worry about that. Yes, hopefully we will all have a better new year!

Hey BabySis! thank you much for the order! I sold out of all the casserole dishes but I hope to make some more int he future. I'll let you know if I manage to. Thanks for the prayers too; I truly appreciate them.

Hey ed! Oh you comment often enough (with very witty comments) that I know you are still around! and I appreciate it. Your blog is one of the few I still keep up with too but just haven't felt like I've had much to say there, so I understand. But I am still reading.

Hey Vonne! Good to hear from you again! Well, you make a very good point: social media does make it so easy to keep in touch with SO many folks I think we take it for granted in a way and often don't make the effort to actually leave some evidence that we are there. But, like you say, if we were to write a note to everyone frequently it would be a huge time suck. Maybe if we had some kind of rotating schedule of greetings? Ha!
Glad to hear you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
Glad you are plugging along and I check to see if you are posting some here and there.
Something to talk about!! I thought of Bonnie Raitt's song.
Sometime there is too much to talk about and sometimes we just get talked out.
Hang in there and hope you continue to feel decent on a daily basis.

Sorry about your chickens. My Dad lost a bunch of guineas this fall. No clear reason. Sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason.

Better days and wishes ahead for you.
Tammy in LA.

edifice rex said...

Hey Tammy! Well, Bonnie Raitt's song was exactly what I had in mind! lol! Yeah, I think I had just got talked out for a while there. Hopefully I'll get back in the mood to chat! Thanks!

pamit said...

Annie, your blog is like a breath of fresh air, compared to FB (which I spend way too much time on; my NY resolution is to cut waaay back). Kind of glad the mean girl didn't put her comments on your blog as all your commenters right well and cheerfully. I'm happy to know you aren't "hanging up your hat" and will continue to check back and look foward to your writings in 2016!! p.s. still love my bowls and think of you often when I use them. Pam in CO

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back on deck ER, I'vemissed your posts. Great too hearing you ae finding your way to some better health! I often don't comment on blogs because the post has said it all but after all these years I still like to read yours and others.
Keep healthy and happy New Year, may it be a happy & healthy one for you and Jack!

JO said...

Good to see a post from you. I just got back some internet and I think the last one I was using went out right after I commented on your last post.

Rude people are just sad in my opion. they don't like themselves so they pick on others. I know its hard to ignore them but we have to feel sorry for them I guess.

I hope we have a much better year with our health issues than last year for sure.
sorry about the chickens hope the remaining ones continue doing well.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pam! Well, thanks!! that's a big compliment! FB is very discouraging to me sometimes too. Yeah, I'm gonna try to get back in the blogging mood; I think I will be able to as I feel better. I'm so glad to hear you still enjoy your bowls. I love when people send me comments like that.

Hey Molly! Good to hear from you. Glad to hear you still enjoy my blog; that's a big compliment too! Wishing you a great new year also.