Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mind Over Matter

 Gertie was enjoying her sun bathing until Marlena flopped down on her head.

 Just a few random photos for ya'll to let you know I'm still here.  Most of this past week we had the most gorgeous spring weather and it was very much enjoyed by everyone.  We've been very busy with the garden and such and I've been busy trying to get set up to do sculpture now instead of pottery.

 It is just a complete struggle for me to come up with anything to post about though.  I fear that I have totally lost my mojo in that department along with several others.  I was doing pretty good but have slowed back down to a crawl lately. Not sure why.  I just don't seem to have much enthusiasm for anything anymore.

 I still see the beauty in things around me though.  I exercise every day that I can.  I'm trying to find new outlets for my art.

I love to sit out with the girls on sunny days.  They make me happy with their chatter and one or two always want a hug and petting for a while.  I guess their attention to me makes me happy.  Funny how even a little critter can make you feel loved.


JO said...

Love the pictures of the pretty hens and flowers. Hope you find you mojo again and start your new art life.

I to struggle to post but when you have nothing to say then what's the point. I have tackled my camper again. I know I need to get out of here for at least a week to kick start something in me.

Caddie said...

Those daffodils prove your Spring has sprung. It's springing here also; this morning I spied magnolia buds. They don't last long so I will keep my eyes peeled toward them. Yesterday - no mowing needed. This morning, with a slight rain - mowing very needed immediately in places. Love your chicks. So alive, beautiful feathers! I've never imagined chickens enjoying being cuddled; I was wrong.

Good vibes for your newer work endeavors. Ah, I bet you may have more mojo than you realize. Keep it alive, Annie!


Hermit's Baby Sis Texas Ann said...

Maybe your next project is something in the photography area, Annie. I love the girls among the flowers - definitely makes me smile ;). Nice to hear from you - and I've always been a sucker for sculpture!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! Yeah, I guess I just don't feel like I have much to say. Or I'm discouraged that I'm not making progress faster. I don't know. Good luck with your camper and traveling!

Hey Sissy! Well, hopefully I do! The mojo is there I guess, just buried under a bunch of crap! lol!

Hey Ann! I have thought about applying for a show for my photographs at the big Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. Might try to get that together. I'll try to show some of my sculptures soon.

pamit said...

Annie, there's nothing second-rate about this post! Gorgeous pics and thoughtful ruminations leave us content that you are living life well. --Apropos of nothing, just wanted to say that as a person somewhat involved in animal welfare issues, I generally come away from your blog posts feeling, here is how animals and people should live together, respectful and providing each other with something essential. Gives me inspiration and hope!