Thursday, June 02, 2016

Cherry Bomb

 Well, once again I did not mean to stay away so long from posting but things have just been a little bit of a struggle lately.  I'm making a little progress on the allergy front but not much at all on the arthritis part.  Still a lot of pain.  I did go for a week or so with very little brain fog so that was nice; I was very excited about that.  Then we went on a short vacation down to Mobile to see some of Jack's family and the trip down and back was pretty hard.  Lots of driving which means lots of sitting.  By the time we got home I was pretty much toast and have had much trouble recovering from it.  Basically I've just been a blob.  A foggy, hurting blob.

 On some good news though...the garden is doing great!  We even had enough cherries off the tree this year for me to make a small cobbler with.  Wooo doggies!  It was good.  The chickens really love the cherries too and fortunately the tree is actually in the garden where they cannot get to it.  I suspect I would find them up in it otherwise.  I give them the fruits that the birds have picked on and they just go nuts! Even going so far as to physically knock each other down to get to the cherries first.  They are so funny.

 The peas are doing well although at this point they are kinda on the downhill side.  Being a cooler weather crop they are not lasting long in this hotter weather.  That's fine though.  I've frozen plenty and I'll pull these up and plant green beans in their place I think.

 The cauliflower and broccoli did real well also.  Jack did his first day at the local Farmer's Market and sold out of broccoli rather quickly.  We had enough to freeze some also.  I'm slowly pulling up the spent stalks to give to the chickens and am not sure what I want to plant there next.

I didn't realize until I went to do this post that I haven't really taken much of any photos lately; especially of the garden so ya'll are just getting a few scraps, so to speak.  I'll try to get out there and get some new pics soon.

And I had promised ya'll a photo or two of the new art work I am working here is one new piece.  I've actually been doing a series of these and have one more I want to do.  My new direction is not going very well though, although I am very pleased with how my new work is coming out.  I've been turned down by absolutely every show I've entered this year; photography, sculpture.... everything.  But I will not get discouraged.  I like my new work.  Hell, with the setbacks I've faced over the past few years, this is nothing.  I do need to transition to something that is going to make money on a regular basis but I will keep on with the sculpture too.


JO said...

I like the veggies and the cherrys they look really good. But I love the sculpture.
Sorry you had another set back but I guess this is our lives now. The old one step forward 2 back. But tomorrow I am going to go back to the exercise class and see what happens.
Take care

Ed said...

Hope you get back on the road to recovery! We have some cherries on our tree this year and I'm keeping an eye on them but it is always a struggle to get them before the birds do. If I end up with a bowl like that for a small cobbler, I would be happy. I love your sculpture but them I'm partial to rusty old metal things.

ErinFromIowa said...

Love hearing all the homesteading news. Can relate on the ailment front. It's so hard to predict what you are up for on any given day. Your sculpture speaks to me. It's definitely you. :)

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Great to hear from you again, Annie! I like your sculpture, and the little birdie on top seems to say he's quite happy with it, too.
Always love to hear about your girls and the garden. Hot weather - we may not get any down here this year. We can't get out of the rain and floods, and now here come the hurricanes. Guess we've made up time for the 5 year drought, plus some. But, we have a roof and dry home, so we're ok.
Hope you're soon on the feeling better track. Doesn't the heat help the Arthur?

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! thanks! I hope your exercise class went well. I'm still trying to keep exercising too. Every day that I can I do something; walking, stretches, weights etc.

Hey ed! thanks! I was very pleased with this line of sculptures. The cherries were so good I'm really looking forward to next spring!

Hey Erin! Thanks! yeah, it is very hard to plan anything in advance. A lot of days I do pretty good and then some days it's just like...nope, not gonna happen. lol!

Hey Sis! Thanks! I have read about all the floods and stuff ya'll are having! Texas just can't seem to get a break this past 2 years. I hope you all continue to stay safe.
The heat does not help actually, but you would think it would, wouldn't you?. I feel better mentally I guess in warm weather, because I like to be outside, but I still hurt the same. :(

Podunk Paul said...

Hope you are feeling better, and love your artwork! Could you show us more with, perhaps, larger pictures? There's something about that bird on the wheel that intrigues.