Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spring (Among The Living)

 Hey, folks...!  Yes, I am still amongst the living...I did not even realize that I had not made one post this year... I mean, I knew it had been a while but sorta shocked to see that.  My header photo is out of date and everything...

 Spring is basically here as you can tell.  An odd year for sure but we have been enjoying the warm weather.  What more can you do?

 This is going to just be a photo heavy post for now.  I'll have more updates and info in a couple of weeks.

 Just wanted to let ya'll know I was still around and had not given up completely on the blog.  Close...but not completely.
 A big thank you to those that emailed me over the winter to check on me...I really appreciate hearing from anyone.  I'm not able to get out a lot these days and I enjoy hearing from folks.

 Was a tad windy today at times when I took these!

 A lot of these are of the new girls that are now just about grown and are getting to enjoy their first days out in the yard with the big girls.  We've been letting them have the run of the fenced garden since there is not much of anything planted there now but that will change soon.  Very soon.

 The big, or I should say... older girls, have been enjoying going into the garden too and having baths in the raised beds.  That will also end soon.  Big Bertha and Ms. Bea both passed away during the winter.  I think Bertha's old heart just gave out.  She was about 9 years old.  She spent a happy day out in the yard like normal  and then went into the coop for bed.  She just laid down in the floor and died.  She and BeaBea were really close, and close in age also, and less than 3 weeks later Ms. Bea just quit eating.  She looked healthy as could be but she just quit.  I tried various meds and food but she wasn't having it.  She just wanted to go on and be with Bertha and Scooter again I guess.  I put her in a nesting box one night because I didn't think she would last much longer and she had passed away the next morning when Jack went to let them out. Both of them just seemed to drift off to sleep and not wake up.

 The new girls are a rambunctious bunch though~!  Into everything and very smart.  Took them less than a hour to find the house and basement, along with all the treats..on the first day we let them out into the yard.  And, at only 4 months old, one or two of the Red Stars are already laying!  None of those little pullet eggs either....they just popped on out the big, real deals!

 So, anyways....I'll be back after  while..

Hope everyone out there is doing well and enjoying nice weather too.


JO said...

Nice it see a post from you and that hopeful all is well.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see a post from you. I always enjoy them. The header photo is stunning even if it does look like autumn. Heck, if stores can sell swimsuits in January - and you can't buy long underwear in December because "it's done for the season", your header is somehow right in step. (Not that you would want to be in step with "retail"...)

Anyway, mostly I just wanted to let you know that I'm still out here reading, and always enjoy your "doings."


Ed said...

It's been a warm week for sure. I went two weeks in February wearing shots and opening up the doors and windows in the afternoons. I've never done that ever in the month of February. Today we are forecasted to get a little bit of snow but then it is back to being warm again next week. I think we are truly going from late fall right to early spring this year. Unfortunately the lack of snow means it is really dry up here and I'm afraid that it means a dismal crop of morels this year.

ErinFromIowa said...

Hello Annie! I have actually been thinking about my harbinger of spring this week. It was wonderful sunny weather here in Des Moines, Iowa with temperatures in the 70's. Last night, a thunderstorm. This weekend, snow is forecasted.

Anonymous said...

You have spring and we are heading into Autumn....well should be but have a full week of 38C ahead of us! This just 2 weeks after flooding!
Glad to hear things are going well. Bless the chooks, mine usually die of old age too :(

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Nice to see you back, Annie. I have just retired and am spending time wrestling with my new laptop (many thanks to Bubba Hermit Jim) and doing just what I wanted. Looking forward to playing some golf and maybe some gardening. Need to take advantage of this bee-you-ti-ful weather ! Glad to hear it's been nice for you, too.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a new and uplifting post.

pamit said...

Flowers AND chickens - an embarrassment of riches! Wonderful post. Not spring here in CO yet, but at least the bluebirds will return this month. --Pam

Anonymous said...

Your photography is gorgeous! Love your purty daffy-dills, as my granny called them. :)
That's some healthy looking chickens! I love the windy pic where your girl's butt looks like a courting prairie chicken. Ha!
The only thing missing is Chigger, the famous chicken guard dog. :)