Thursday, October 15, 2015

Good Times, Bad Times

 Well, sorry that I have been so lax on posting lately, but to be honest, I have lost all interest in it.  Now, it is not that I do not enjoy hearing from you lovelies, I certainly do, but things have just gone downhill and I've withdrawn from a lot of things.  Computers and social media and the internet can be wonderful, miraculous tools sometimes.  And sometimes they can be the worst thing ever created.  I've been trying to read more actual books lately and just do other things.  I SO enjoyed the week in Florida with no online activities that it really impressed upon me that maybe life would be better with a little less of that stuff.  So!! but it never hurts to try!

Another thing is that while we were in Florida, you know I pigged out on all sorts of seafood.....and apparently that is another thing that I am allergic to or just contains so much histamine that my body cannot process it correctly.  So.  It took me over a week to get over the side effects of that and I still am not feeling much of any relief in just the general symptoms I had to begin with.

And on top of all that we had an incident with the rooster.  He had gotten very large and very aggressive apparently.  I'll admit I did not notice much because I have felt so bad lately, but he jumped on Little Red and somehow injured her back (or something) to the point she can't really walk anymore.  The confusing thing is she was able to walk around pretty well right after it happened but by the next morning she was just unable to get around at all.  She can sit up about what you see here and is very alert and with a pretty good appetite, so I don't want to.....well, throw the towel in for her.  It's been about 2 weeks though and not any improvement.  I've given her aspirin and even a little muscle relaxer and that seems to help her being able to sit up more.  But nothing even remotely like walking.  I want to give her a little more time though and see if she can't recover.
And Susie has been sick again with some kind of internal thing that gets her about every 6 months, so I've had 2 chickens needing full-time doctoring or looking after.
*The rooster was taken to a farm in the next county to be sold. 
The fall garden is doing well though.  Thankfully.  The weather has been really nice lately.  I've read about 3 books that I enjoyed.  And that's about it.  I've been researching job possibilities because that has become pretty important.  I've got to get back to some kind of paid work.  An old carpenter buddy that I worked with for years passed away suddenly a few weeks ago; just after we got back from the beach.  I was pretty sad to hear about it and did make the 3 county trip to the funeral.  Was nice to see some of the other guys though.
So, there you have it.  Not a lot that I've really wanted to talk about lately.  And may not for some time.  I'll see ya'll around though.


JO said...

I know what you mean about posting. I do a forced post every now and then but I really don't have much to say either. If all I have to talk about is this mess my body is in why bother nobody wants to hear about my being stuck in a chair for weeks on end and even having to sleep in it.And readers are way down too.

To bad about the chickens and you not feeling well again or still. All we can do is hang in there make the best of what it is. We will get better maybe not as good as we were but better is better.

ErinFromIowa said...

I'm here when you do come round Annie. :)

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Great to hear from you, Annie, even when you think you have nothing to say.
I, too, have gone back to reading "real" books more often, though the Nook is very handy for planes and doctor's offices.
Poor little biddies - bless their hearts. I know they give you much enjoyment - here's hoping for the best.
How did that last big craft show go? Got any of those casseroles left? I'm still in the market ...
And yeah - seems like all of the blogs I read are posting less often. Where are all the bloggers and readers?
Good thoughts to you and Jack, Chigger,..the girls,...the garden .....

Caddie said...

As with any beginning, there does come a time for an ending. I'm with you, tired of blogging. Get no comments, so I assume no readers. Ha, Ha, again I'm talking to a wall.
Hope you get these allergy issues cleared away soon. Wondering if you and Jack tried the remedy I sent. DE (google) is a great help for many problems we humans have. Check it out.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Reading this post a bit late, but hope you are feeling a little better, Annie. You are so right abiut there being so many other things to do vs. blogging. Personally, we have cut down considerably on our posting, although we still enjoy sharing things we've done and seen. And we are also doing more reading, both actual hardcovers and paperbacks and e-books. If you find that blogging is becoming more of a chore Nd yiur interest level just isn't there,mthen perhaps a break is needed and yiu can see whether or not you miss blogging or not. Either way, hope yiu will be feeling better

Anonymous said...

Hey Annie,
Just wanted to wish You, Jack and the Critters a happy holiday.
I for one can't wait for this year to be over. It seems like it has been nothing but sadness with friends and family ill or worse.
Hoping that next year will be much better for all of us.