Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Give Thanks

 All of the girls, myself, and Chigger wish all our American friends a very happy Thanksgiving!!  I am very thankful for several things this year.

 I'm thankful for little improvement in some of my health issues.  Well.... mainly knowing what they are now and hoping that from that I can improve things.

 I'm thankful for loving companionship.  Wherever it comes from.

 I'm thankful that I finally figured out that Gertie here had an ear infection and that I was able to successfully treat it.  She had me going for about a month but I finally figured out the problem through a lot of research.  We cleaned her ears out, which is as hard as you might imagine, gave her some meds and she is back in the game!  Running around biting everyone like she so enjoys.  And she's able to sleep on the roost again!  No more sleeping in a tub on the floor.

 I'm thankful I've been able to try my hand at a new art and craft.  I'll try to show ya'll soon what new stuff I've been working on.  I'm having fun with it.  Maybe I can make some money with it too.

 I'm thankful for old friends and new ones too.

 I'm thankful for food growing in our garden despite that horridly bad drought we are in.  Here's really hoping and praying that drought ends soon.  It's seriously getting really bad.

 I'm thankful for the ability to see beauty in everyday things.

I'm super thankful that I was also able to help my sweetie Peepers.  She had developed a really bad pendulous crop and food was not getting through her system.  She had started to lose weight and everything.  I took a couple of pairs of socks to chop up so I could make a suitable "bra" for Peeps to wear that would hold her crop up and close to her body so that it could empty. For about 10 days we went through a routine of making her drink water with digestive enzymes and massage, because her crop had gotten very hard, since it could not empty correctly.  She did not enjoy this to say the least.  Even less than she enjoyed wearing her bra.  But, one day while massaging I felt a 'goosh' and I think the plug clogging her crop flushed on out and it started emptying.  It took another 5-6 days but her crop finally emptied totally and she started pooping real, solid poops!!  I know ya'll are thrilled to read about my chicken's bowel movements but I tell you, I was ecstatic!  After about 2 weeks or so I took her bra off and she's been okay but I am keeping an eye on her.  I think she may be prone to this problem, especially if she loads up to too much scratch feed.  So far so good though.  Sorry..but Peepers, Pumpkin and Zuzu are my sweet little spoiled babies and I'd be heartbroken if something happened to one of them.  It hurts me if I can't help ANY of my girls but some of them are just extra special and friendly.
So, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Fall and hope everyone has a great weekend!!