Monday, July 10, 2006

Come Together

The actual welding of the truss has begun!! Here I am putting on some stiffeners that will hold the flanges from pivoting. Not that they would anyway once they're welded but these things are handy to hold the webbing upright as we are positioning them.
Finished product. The 2 end pieces of webbing each got 2 pair of stiffeners and the 2 middle pieces of webbing just got 1 pair each. This took longer than I expected but then, everything does I think.
I'm just trying to show scale in this photo. We really don't have good room to get a shot of the whole truss at once. After it is in place we can though.
This is the other end. I was just placing the pieces on the flange about where they go as I finished them. We are going to have to do some measuring and see exactly how much space we can have in between each section of webbing. I'm afraid we are going to have to add either another small section of web or a solid piece to each end. I believe we have too much space within the truss and not enough webbing to cover it. We can't space the web out too much or it becomes a structural issue. That is the top flange laying on the floor behind this stuff. After all the web is in place and tacked we will place the top flange on and square it up etc. and then weld it.


pablo said...

So this is going to be like a big, good-looking I-beam?

Rurality said...

Cool! So, does the photographer have to have a little shield over his eyes too, or does it not matter once you get a little distance away?

Also where is your buckeye picture? :)

Gin said...

Ah! Now I'm beginning to get the idea. Cool! So very, very cool!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! Yes, it is exactly a big I-beam with designs cut out in it.

Hey Karen! Once you get some distance away it does not matter but I have heard that if you are too close with a camera it can screw up the shutter in addition to hurting your eyes. I don't know. I've been waiting to post the buckeyes; I don't know why. Not enough time I guess.

Thanks Gin! I think it will be very cool too.