Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oh, What a Tangled Web.....

OK! So it's all cut out! The webbing for the truss that is. I finally got it all cut out and polished and ready to start welding together yesterday ..... and then it started raining. So, next weekend maybe. These pieces are 18" tall and 1/4" thick. I just grouped them all together so I could get a good shot, so this photo may not make any more sense than the drawings. But soon you will see that I'm not crazy and that these pieces do actually make something. The big one in the middle has been darkened and oiled and the others had not, that's why you see shiny, silver places on them but they will all be dark when finished.
Here, Allen is building the box beam that will support the truss on top of the walls. A box beam is basically a stud wall with 2 layers of plywood on both sides, glued and nailed like crazy.
The plywood layers are staggered of course, to increase the strength. We are using a commercial construction adhesive for gluing.
This is the beam from the other side where the 2 layers have not yet been put on so you can see the framing. This one did get completely done and we have to build one more for the other side of the room.


Rurality said...

You probably could have gotten a lot more done if certain people had not dropped by and stayed forever, huh?!

pablo said...

What? Some people get to drop by???? That doesn't seem fair. I wanna drop by. How far are you from Kansas City?

edifice rex said...

Hey Karen! Well, I guess we might have gotten a little more done but we certainly enjoy visitors! We get so few! Of course, if we ever get a restroom that might help that situation some! We are glad ya'll came by.

Hey Pablo! Well, come on!! Kansas City is only about 2 days drive maybe! but we might put you to work a little. We've got a bunch of brush piles too!! We drove through Kansas City once (both of them) a couple of years ago but didn't get to stop.