Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cheeseburger In Paradise

OK, those of you who are pretty observant will notice that there is no cheese on this one but Allen always has cheese on his burgers. I cooked in the house for the first time this weekend!! Now, don't get too excited, it was just on a camp stove; nothing permanent in the kitchen yet but still.... We have officially started the water system now. We installed alot of the drain and vent lines and they came out today to start my perc test for the septic system. That is a whole post unto itself. There is alot about those things that I did not understand. I'll try to get something up about that soon. I know ya'll are just on the edge of your seat to hear about my crapper. The hamburgers were great by the way. One of the grocery stores around here has started carrying all natural beef. Not certified organic but certified not to contain hormones or steriods or antibiotics. I was ecstatic to find the stuff and it is very good and tender. I would like to maybe raise my own beef one day but that is a long way down the road. We raised our own beef and pork when I was a kid and there is just no comparision to the taste with store bought, especially with the pork.
Here I am cooking!! I do that sometimes. When my kitchen is functional I plan on cooking for days on end so ya'll make plans to come by 'cause I'm going to need somebody to eat all this food. Allen and I don't need to eat it all ourselves although he may disagree with that. I'll explain in a later post why being able to cook a decent meal is such a big deal to me. Our living arrangements now are somewhat limited. You may have noticed that Allen usually takes my photo from behind (not sure what he is trying to tell me) but didn't here for some reason.
I have been transferred to another job temporarily but it has given me another great opportunity to acquire more materials for the house for free. I hauled a big load of concrete block home today (that I mentioned the other day) and tomorrow I will get a load of electrical conduit and red iron. Not sure what I am going to do with the red iron (structural steel type stuff) but I never can pass that stuff up. Funny how I always get sent to another job right about the time I need some more material. If only I had gotten sent to a framing job back when I needed lumber. Well, I shouldn't be greedy. One drawback to this new job is that we start work at 6:00 a.m. so I have to get in bed pretty early. By the time I get home with my loot and unload etc. and shower, eat, whatever, it does not leave much time for blogging. This great weather has really got me reinspired about the house though. I had gotten kind of discouraged about progress and money but I am feeling better about things now.


pablo said...

Put me on the list of readers who are eager to hear all of the details of your perc test. That burger looks mighty tasty. I can understand the sentiment of cooking in your house the first time. Life is good in many ways.

When do you move in permanently? Will you throw a house warming party?


edifice rex said...

Yes, life is good Pablo! I hope to move in by summer but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself.
Oh, we are going to throw down for a couple of days I hope! I am going to have the mother of all house warming parties; no gifts for the house though! I hope to buy or make gifts for all the people who have helped me build this house and give them instead of recieving anything because this house is enough.

Floridacracker said...

That's the most beautiful burger ...
Thanks for the Buffett reference!

I agree with Pablo, cooking for the first time in your house is pretty special.

edifice rex said...

I thought you would appreciate that FC! ( the song reference). Well, the burger too!