Monday, February 19, 2007

Stuff Like That There

This weekend was spent stuffing stuff. It was too cold and windy for roof work so we bought some sheetrock and worked on the inside. If you remember, I already had this insulation from a demo job and it's lasting pretty good. I was afraid it wasn't going to go very far but I still have about 6 more bags after doing the bedroom and bath. We got all of the bedroom here done and completely sheetrocked and all of the bathroom insulated except for what we needed left out to do plumbing.
I love that foamy spray stuff! I sealed around all the windows and door and behind each plug and switch box. If you use it around windows and doors though, you need to make sure and get the type made for that application which does not expand so much. The regular type will bow your jambs and you don't want that! This was Allen's idea on the boxes actually. It's hard to get the roll insulation behind each box and you really don't want to tear your strips up so we thought this would work good. Some people use it to seal around plumbing penetrations in the floor too etc. but I prefer to Bondo stuff like that. I don't want foamy stuff in my floor. I know; I'm weird. I also got on Allen's nerves because I went around behind him making sure all the insulation strips in the walls were all turned the same way. He says there is no front or back but I say there is!

Now, I do like to use the foamy stuff to seal around the wiring penetrations in the walls. However, in my foaming fervor I forgot that the wire needed to actually be in the hole before you foam it shut. I had to dig this out for my phone lines to come in.

I also thought it would be great to use the foamy stuff in the T-posts. This is where the interior walls join the exterior walls at a right angle. These areas are basically hollow and I want them filled up! No hollow spaces for air to come in! Stupid, bad idea! It all falls to the bottom and then slowly oozes out the crack at the bottom for 24 hours. We worked until about 9:00 p.m. Sat. night which was great because I have heat and light!! It's temporary heat but it works.
I got another hit from Pella Corp. today....maybe they are not going to gang up on me. I don't care: put up your dukes Pella!! Heeyaa!! Fat, nasty corporation!


pablo said...

When do you think move in day will be? This spring?

edifice rex said...

Oh, I hate to even speculate anymore Pablo. I was hoping by last Christmas and then by early spring but it just keeps dragging out. It's very hard to get alot done during the winter. Not alot of daylight and you just seem more tired after working all day on another construction site. I'm hoping by summer though.

Floridacracker said...

I am guilty of spraying that foam where it doesn't belong too. Since it doesn't keep once you open it, I always walk around looking for some gap somewhere.

edifice rex said...

Yeah, I do the smae thing FC! I go round before hand too and mark the areas that I want to spray because I'm so scatterbrained I'll forget places when I actually start. That stuff is too expensive to waste.