Thursday, August 30, 2007

One Of Those Days

I have been trying to pour this slab under the house for 2 or 3 weeks now. I really need to get it done so that I can move my pottery studio here and give all of the downtown studio back over to Fred for his antique store. This will save me money and hopefully make him some more money but things are not working out right now. It hasn't rained here in weeks and the day before I want to pour..... well, you guessed it. It comes a freaking flood. I had finally gotten a day that I could take off from work, had the concrete set up and was heading to the house yesterday after work to finish tying a little of the rebar etc. when it started raining, so I waited it out up at the apartment. I thought I had blocked or diverted all the areas where water could wash mud down under the house but I was wrong. So, I thought, I can muck all of this out and wash the poly off, get everything put back and still be able to pour. It had not rained so much that I didn't think we would not be able to get the truck up to the house. I worked until way after dark, after working all day mucking around in the mud building forms, and got everything cleaned up and ready to go. Then, I was awaken in the middle of the night by the sound of heavy rain and lightning flashes. We went down to survey the damage when the sun came up and it was just too muddy and sloppy to try it. I do not like getting a concrete truck stuck in the mud. It takes much effort to get them out, so Allen called the plant and cancelled the order; it was just on will-call anyway 'cause we thought this might happen. Then I went on in to work and made a few hours. I'm not doing crap tonight but going to bed early. I have to be at work at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow because we have a big pour scheduled for there. If I sound a little cranky I guess I am. But stuff happens and maybe for a reason. I was not able to schedule a finisher so it might be just as well that we did not pour. Maybe I can get one when we try again. Also, Fred has signed me and himself up for a pottery workshop September 22-23 and we have to take about a dozen pieces of unfired pottery with us to this thing. I don't have anything so I have got to get this area where I can work in it with enough time left to throw something. I'll get it one way or another but it just seems sometimes that it is just one thing after another.
Sometimes I just get so tired I feel like I can't do another thing. I'm telling you this in case any of you are wanting to build your own house. I am not trying to discourage anyone but there are times when you will think, "what the hell was I thinking". And I do this for a living! But then again, I look at some of the amazing things we build at work and think, "this is really a piece of cake, don't be a cry baby".


Anonymous said...

I am a Karen also. I also "belong" to Barry. You all need rain so bad up there that I know that it is a mixed blessing to have it mess up your concrete pour. We are coming up tomorrow to try to do some plumbing on our cabin.........Working with a close family member can be a pain...........I hope my brother-in-law will be able to take some of the heat off me.
I have enjoyed reading about your house and I love your light fixtures. You are truly an artist.
Our cabin is just that, a cabin. Barry drew up the plans and we have built it ourselves. That's what comes from being an engineer. And his logical, precise mind drives me nuts. But our cabin will be done in an exact manner!!!!! Hopefully, we will soon be able to stay in it. We could camp in it now, especially if we have a hurricane come our way. Hurricanes are not fun to cope with.......the worst part is no AC after the fact.
Have a nice Labor Day and I hope you get your concrete poured soon.

edifice rex said...

Hello new Karen! Great to hear from you. Thanks for all your comments. I think I could use some logical, precise thinking sometimes! Sometimes I get frustrated at myself because I don't feel as organized as I could be. Yes, we are glad for the rain but it is kind of aggravating also but, this too shall pass. Good luck working on your cabin and ya'll stop by if you have time; you know we'll be working.

Floridacracker said...

The killer is ...AFTER it's built, it's one thing after another!!!

edifice rex said...

Ahh, that's so true, FC. Gee, thanks for reminding me. ;)