Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Toot, Toot!!!

That's me blowing my own horn for a minute! All of you long-time readers of mine will remember back when I worked at the "Big House" in Birmingham. Well, during that job I inadvertently got roped into writing an article for a magazine about the restoration we were doing. They promised money and fame and glory if I would do it!! OK, they promised a little money and a few free copies of the magazine. Anyway, it has finally been published and is out in bookstores now. The magazine is Alabama Heritage and it is put out 4 times a year by the University of Alabama. You can go here, to view the preview and such, just scroll down to "In This Issue" and I think mine is the second story down. There is just a small blurb about the article there, but lots of pictures. Some, you may recognize from here. I am quite excited; the people at the magazine did a wonderful job editing and adding photos. The article is mostly about the history of the house (very colorful) and the restoration process and who all was involved. Actually, the job is still going on; they have begun doing some interior work now I believe. I have actually been in this magazine once before about 4 years ago when I did the restoration on the Sybil Temple in Vestavia Hills, AL. It's a very interesting magazine and they do an outstanding job of presenting information on Alabama's historical places and events.
As far as house news, I don't feel as though I have gotten much done this week so far. Just a lot of touch up on paint and drywall. I am going to try to finish the light fixtures for the clerestory tomorrow. I really need to go back to work next week so that I can start purchasing more material. There are a few things that I can still do that don't require money but nothing that will help me get moved in the house and that is really what I am pushing for.

I found a one-legged frog under the house today. Poor thing, he seemed to be handling it well but it looked like something bit it off. I washed him off with some cool water and put him under a cucumber plant in the garden. I hope he is OK.


karl said...

very cool, congratulations.

Rurality said...

Woohoo! I know somebody famous! I need to find a copy of that. :)

edifice rex said...

Thank you, karl and Karen!
Although I'd hardly call myself famous. Allen says I'm infamous, at least in the construction world.
Some Books-A-Millions carry the mag and I think, Barnes and Noble.