Saturday, January 19, 2008

Frequent Visitors

I took this pic up at the old apartment where Allen now has his office and the computer. I was standing maybe 30 yards from these deer. They were all does but that one was a really good size. I have counted as many as 9 at one time in this area. Fred has been putting a little corn for them. I have heard from some of the guys at work that their food sources are going quickly this year due to the severe drought. They say that deer will normally wait until about February to browse the acorns and such but that all the acorns have already been eaten this year. There seems to be plenty still to eat in our area but I don't know much about deer and their habits. This bunch looked very healthy. I do remember years back when you could only hunt does on certain days but now, due to the population, you can take a doe a day here. My house is just down the hill so these make the rounds down there too. I don't leave any food for them though because I don't want them to associate my place with eating! They got all my azaleas as it is.

We got a little snow today and everybody down here is going nuts. It is embarrassing. We all seem to remember much more snow as kids but I'm not sure if that is true or just nostalgia. I know it rarely snows here anymore; at least anything that amounts to covering the ground.

The house is very cozy today although I have discovered a slight leak in my propane tank. I am not quite satisfied with the heating of the house though as the bathroom remains kind of chilly so I am investigating alternative ways of heating. I had the idea of a wood burning heater in the basement and perhaps even devising a way to heat my water with the wood. I have seen this done at a earth sheltered house near here. They say it works very well. It's nothing very pressing though and will probably be a project for next winter.


Woody said...

Rats with hooves...We have so many deer around here it's not even funny. It is very common for me to have to slow down to a crawl coming up our drive so they will get out of the way. I have counted 13 at a time, and we hunt. Our dogs have gotten so used to seeing them they don't even give chase anymore.

peace...except for the damn deer

edifice rex said...

My Goodness, Woody! It's not that bad here yet...although I have had to stop in the drive for them to get out of the way too.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

In harsh Winter's they feed the deer hay. It is not because of laxk of browes for them to eat, it is because of lack of mobility due to deep snow. There is a traditional "deer yard" south of here where 15,000 to 20,000 deer over Winter.

Deer are not plentiful where I live. There are more moose, which are more mobile and will browes on spruce trees if more tender feed is not available.