Sunday, January 06, 2008

The House Is Rockin'

My decor is still a bit sparse but there is one important new addition to the house that you can see here. If you look up near the ceiling you will notice a small white rectangle on the left and right up near the rafters. These are my new Polk Audio stereo speakers. They are soooo cool. I tried to be very conservative in some areas and use reclaimed materials etc. when building the house but this was, in part, so that I could splurge on some few items and still keep a good budget. Now, these speakers are nowhere near the most expensive that I could have bought but they were not cheap. I don't care much for TV but I love music of all kinds and have always wanted I really killer stereo system. If you like music and don't have the speakers installed in the ceiling or walls, stop now and go buy them. They are worth it. I have enjoyed these things so much this week. I still don't have cable or Internet service yet (the utility company is estimating things now) so listening to music is my entertainment. In the mornings, I like to listen to NPR as I am getting ready for work. Clapton sounds incredible; it's like I have all new CD's! It's a good thing no one lives nearby. I really don't play it that loud but occasionally I will turn it up.

My postings have been a bit sparse lately too. We are working much overtime lately. Saturdays and Sundays. I think my last day off was New Year's Day. I'll make enough money to go pay cash for a washer and dryer (yea!!!) but I'm getting tired. During the recent cold spell, we were having to make 3 big concrete pours at work, one right after the other for 3 days. If you read Rurality, you know it got down around 7 and 8 degrees one morning down here. Not good for pouring concrete. The batch plants freeze up which means you are delayed pouring until it can warm up. We finally got mud around 11:00 a.m. But concrete doesn't set up fast in cold weather so you have to stay with it and put tents up over the pour and run heaters blah, blah, blah. Our poor finishers did not leave the job 2 nights until about 12 midnight. For some reason, I am never asked to stay on nights like that. Some carpenters will stay to saw cut the slab after the finishers are off of it. I think the men don't want me to have to go through that so they let me off.
Well, I must go to get some rest for work tomorrow. What day is this now??

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Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I have seen a second story slab on a nursing home ruined by freezing. It is no fun and expensive to "fix".

I worked once in the Winter on a bridge job where the weather was -20C to -30C. Keeping the concrete from freezing before it sets is really complicated. I had to go up in the bush at 2:00 AM to check on the blanket and heaters.

Contruction work in deep cold is always very challenging but drillers and loggers work in the cold all the time.