Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hey, Good-Looking (Whatcha' Got Cookin?)

This is the temporary kitchen that I have built. It's not so bad really other than I do not have a stove. But I still make do even without that. The small, unfinished room that you see beyond the kitchen is the pantry. It's an 8'x8' room so that is not bad for a pantry though. Completing the kitchen will probably be one of the last things I do. I don't know why really, it just seems to be working out that way but I might change my mind. Having it like this is almost a good thing too because I can live with the space for a while I see how I actually use the area. You know, where does it actually work to store such and such or use this appliance here or there. It's like a construction project I read about once. This company build a school and at the architects request, did not pour any sidewalks. The builders packed up their stuff and left but then came back about a year later and poured all the sidewalks where the students had naturally created their own walkways, which were the most convenient paths.
I built this quick little shelf unit to store my few dishes. Most of these are my own pottery although I do have a couple of pieces from other potters. I will not have any space for wall cabinets but that is OK. I don't really like them anyway but I will keep some nice open shelves for dishes I use often. Many people have asked me if I intend to build my own finish cabinets. No, I do not. Being a form carpenter and not a cabinet maker I intend to save myself the frustration of such and just pay a small but good cabinet company here in town to make them for me. I know of a good company here that does nice work. I will pour my own countertops though as they will be concrete. I like to do as much of the work as I can but sometimes it is just worth it to hire people that do that thing for a living. They are much better at it than me and I am helping the local economy.
There is still not a lot going on at the house; just little things here and there. I have had other financial obligations that have taken my money that could have been used on buying material for the house. I am scavenging more material for the house and think I have come up with a really cool idea and material for the deck handrails. One nice thing about being a female amongst so many men is that they will give you about anything you ask for. Of course, we give leftover material away to lots of people and I do have to wait until the job is over.

By the way, my spellchecker on Blogger has decided to stop working so if you see a bunch of misspelled words now, that's why. I try to check things but I am usually fairly tired by the time I write this.


Floridacracker said...

That school architect is a genius!
All of the sidewalks at our school are straight edges, 90 degree turns, etc and the kids constantly cut corners causing bare patches in the lawn that could have been a graceful curve of sidewalk.

Blogger splchkr hs stpped wrkng at mi pur flrida tu.

Woody said...

I thought that was a brilliant idea too. I bet the janitor thought he was a blooming idiot though.


edifice rex said...

Hey FC! Yeah, I thought that was a pretty good idea even for an architect. HA! We carpenters like to pick on the poor architects so just kidding if any are reading this!
You know why architects don't go to heaven?

Because Jesus was a carpenter.

Stupid Blogger! What is with them? I found a couple of words that are mispelled, not due to my ignorance, but to my crappy typing skills.

Hey Woody! Yeah, I bet lots of people thought he or she was crazy. And to be such a good idea, you rarely see it done anywhere else. We constantly pour sidewalks that we know no one is ever going to use.

carpenterlady said...

I am looking forward to reading about your concrete countertops. What color will they be? I have nine feet of countertops to make hopefully by this spring. I love your blog.

edifice rex said...

Hello Carpenterlady! thank you so much; glad you are enjoying the blog. Right now my idea is to make the countertops a dark charcoal color. Very close to black. I can get black iron oxide pretty cheap to mix in the concrete and dye it.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I wish my kitchen looked as good. 12 years ago, I began building new kitchen cabinets. I got in over my head. They are still not finished! Open shelving certainly is convenient! I am no carpenter, I eas trained as an electrician. I do have lots of outlets.