Saturday, February 02, 2008

I Should Have Known

Well, I guess I should not have said anything 'cause it wasn't but just a couple of days after that last post that we had a guy squashed on our job. A crew of guys came from Kansas to install some heavy equipment and as they were unloading some of it, on just their second day on the job, one of the pallets tipped over and fell on one of the men. Thankfully it did not kill him but it mashed him up pretty bad. At first we thought it broke both his legs but I think it only broke one. Our guys did very well and reacted quickly, flagging in the fire department and ambulance. The last I saw of the poor guy he was still laying in the middle of the gravel road and the paramedics were putting the IVs in etc. Fortunately, and I know that may sound weird, that is the worst accident on a job that I have ever actually seen.

The word spread fairly quickly and soon the railroaders were coming out to see what happened. The Switchman (some of you might remember) came out and found me to see what was going on. He sternly told me I better keep my little hind end away from anything like that going on. I assured him I try to always watch myself as I have a big aversion to pain and blood. I felt bad for the young man that was driving the forklift (who was picking the load when it tipped) as Steve said he was having a rough time of it after the accident.

I hope maybe to post again today or tomorrow and show a little about what is going on at the house.


pablo said...

Did he really say "hind end"?

Woody said...

Damn...I hate to hear about things like that. Kinda helps to remind you to keep your head on a swivel though,,,


Rurality said...

Dang. I had a friend who worked in a coal mine who had her foot crushed by a huge falling rock. Could have been her head though!

You should sooooo totally build a moss man, by the way. :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Yeah, there are lots of things that happen to remind us to always be watching.

Hey Pablo! I think he actually said "behind" but I'm not sure. Sometimes when I am talking to that man I just sort of go into a trance and all sound just fades away....I just see his beautiful face and nothing else.

Hey Karen! Yeah, I think crushing deaths are the #1 incident (of accidents) on construction sites. #2 is falling, I think. My moss man right now would be about the size of the Pilsbury dough boy. It would be neat though.