Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Good Intentions

I have recently been trying to make more of an effort to tidy up the landscape around here. During construction things get so torn up and you get to where you don't really care but I have gotten tired of looking at just dirt and mud. My dream is to have a mostly naturalized landscape with native plants and grasses. Something that does not require a lot of maintenance or resources. This area was clear cut about 10 years ago and so it was very thick with undergrowth and small trees when we came down here. About all you could do with it was just bulldoze it and start over. I want to restore the forest areas; clear out the privet hedge and briers. Well, a friend was telling me how he his trying to do similar work on his land and has gone to the National Resources Conservation Services for help. I had never heard of this but basically, the federal government, if they deem you fit, pays you to restore your own land. An agent will come out and advise you , after viewing your property, on which programs you may be eligible for. Most all counties have an agent; it's something like your county extension office. Then they give you money, a written plan of what you must do and a certain amount of time in which to do it. My friend has gotten money to restore some watersheds and help restore the quail population in our area.
Part of the quail program is that you must plant a certain amount of native grasses for them. I have been needing to plant something in front of my house because the runoff is horrible and it looks terrible too so he gave me some of the seed he had leftover. It is a mixture of 3 grasses and 2 wildflowers. Indian Grass, Little Bluestem, Switchgrass, Partridge Pea, Illinois Bundleflower and Blackeyed Susan. He also gave me some Tickseed and Mexican Hat seeds. So, Allen and Oliver boxbladed the front area smooth again and we got up a lot of the rocks and sticks and then I sowed these seeds. Now, I didn't have that much so, on the friends advice, I sowed these along the edge of the woods and then just did a short fescue grass in the big open areas. I did sow the wildflower seeds in with the grass and might get some more flower seed. This is the mixture I was given. I know you can't tell much from the photo but it did have a wonderful silky feel. I did this on Sunday and Monday and it rained good today so I hope the seed takes and begins to grow.
I also built a little temporary retaining wall along the drive to stop dirt from washing onto the driveway and planted some more daylilies and daffodils and some other stuff. I will try to show that soon. I have tries to start a few things in the garden but need to do a lot of work there as the ants and grass are fighting for control within it's borders.
Well, time for bed. I have to get up earlier these days because this new job is about 20 minutes further from my house. Ack!
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Anonymous said...


Is your new job going to keep you from moving to Louisiana or is it just a temporary delay?

Railing looks good, just stay inside during a lightning storm!

Saw Fred and Allen a few weeks back, told them I need to come by and introduce my better half. Will you be around in late May(plan to come up for a week)?

I agree with you on the native vegetation, I don't want to be mowing grass when I come up either.

Keep your eye on the prize and thank the good Lord for the rain we've been getting.


edifice rex said...

Hey Barry! I think it probably is just a temporary delay but who knows. thanks! you know, I never thoght about lightning!
I should be around so yes, please come on by!
Yes, mowing sux and we are very happy about the rain although it is making this new job very sloppy.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It will look wild in no time. Nature like to take over if given half a chance.

Robbyn said...

Oh, can't wait to see everything growing!

The rebar on the deck looks great, btw :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Philip! yeah, I want it to be kind of manicured wild though. Native plants except for the damn honeysuckle and briars!

Thanks Robbyn! I can't wait to see the grass sprout. I'm really anxious about that.