Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lavender's Blue

I had several things that I wanted to post about regarding the house but then discovered that I didn't have any photos to go along with the posts, so I had to just use a random pic I found. My lavender is doing well so far since being moved and has started blooming. I plan to harvest the blooms but am not sure exactly what I am going to do with them. I thought Karen might want some for her soap?? This variety is provence. I would like to collect some of the other, more rare varieties. This variety has a wonderful fragrance that keeps well after it is dried.
The tractor shopping continues. I have looked at used ones and new ones, Kubotas, Case, McCormick, Mahindra, Deere, FarmTec and Massey-Ferguson, I think. I am leaning heavily towards the Kubota. I could do SO much if I had one with a front bucket. Thanks for your info Woody; I appreciate that so much. You are right, they think a whole lot of those smaller ones. It confounds me that you can often get a bigger tractor for less money. The implements too. The hydrostatic drives are very nice too but I don't think I really care if it has a tilt steering wheel! It's amazing what you can get on a tractor nowadays. Getting into something where I have a monthly payment again is not a great thought to me though, even though I can afford it. I just wanted to be free of that but I need some help badly. It is just too much to try to do all of this and help Fred take care of his land also, doing it all by hand. Even though Allen is very healthy, he is getting older and just does not need to be pushing a mower up these hills. I don't either for that matter. I have a tremendous amount of stamina and strength for my size and usually continue to work on stuff when I get home from work but it gets to the point where you are having to constantly be working just to keep things maintained, not improved. I want to enjoy my house finished for a little while before I croak. Fred has done so much to help me, I must do a better job of helping him around his place and this machine would help Allen also. So, buying some mechanical help is the only solution I see. I can get maintenance issues done much faster and without wearing myself completely out and have time to make progress on the house and gardens.
I'll try to post again this weekend of some new stuff going on around here with new photos. Those of you getting too much rain out there are welcome to send some of it our way. I fear we are entering another dry spell.



hillbilly2be said...

You sure have checked out a lot of tractors. Sounds like you would have a lot of uses for one. I also try to minimize the maintenance chores so I can spend more time on things that are more fun to me.


Floridacracker said...

I like Kubotas too.
I'd like one with a backhoe and a bucket for the same reasons you expressed. You can get so much done quickly.

I'm afraid I'll be renting mostly though.
I think tractors may be like boats ... it may be better to have a friend with one than actually own one!
Don't worry, you are too far away for me to borrow yours!
Good luck with your search.

Robbyn said...

How fun to be looking for a tractor! We're still undecided if we'll ever own one or rent 'em out for specific projects.

Your lavender is beautiful! I hope you'll get some rain's been refreshing to get some here this year...last year was full of fires because of the drought.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ron! Oh, I totally agree that it's a good idea to minimize your maintenance issues; I'd much rather be making pots or something. There are just a few areas of my property that must stay clear and doing it by hand is a killer.

Hey FC! Well, for 3 years I have tried just to rent a machine only when I absolutely needed one etc. but it is getting to the point that in the near future I will have half paid for one with the rental fees.

Hey Robbyn! Well, it's kinda gone from fun to stressful now! Yes, I hope we get some rain soon too but it doesn't look good.

Anonymous said...


As much as I hate a payment, it's hard to find an nexpensive used tractor with lift, etc. that you can be sure of unless you know the folks who have it..BUYER BEWARE!

My brother has a bobcat that he rebuilt that he's constantly using to move rocks, grading, etc.

You can keep your swimming pools, just give me machinery!!

Plan on coming up this Thursday PM, staying through the 4th. Let me know if you'll be around, I'll try to swing by with the family.


Rurality said...

Nice lavender! That kind is good for sachets, I believe. For soap you have to have the oil. If you use the actual buds in soap, they turn brown before long. Then guess what they look like. :)

I hope you got more of that rain today than we did. Not even enough to measure here!