Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They're Red Hot

This is maroon coreopsis, coreopsis tinctoria. I have had a number of these flowers come up in my little wildflower meadow this year and just love them. The old standard yellow coreopsis grows abundantly wild here and there were some in the seed mixture I bought also. Interestingly, these red ones bloom much later than the yellow. It took these 2 years to come up and I hope that they reseed well for next year.
My quest for a tractor continues. I have informed the guys at work of what I am looking for so today several of them brought me newspapers etc. with tractors they had found, new and used. They are very good to help me out and advise me on stuff that I don't know anything about. Of course, a lot of them farm or just know about equipment. So, I am going to stop at a dealership tomorrow after work and may go look again this weekend. I need to do something soon though, the place is getting out of hand as far as maintenance.
I thought of a great idea also! Or I think it would be fun anyway. I have seen where some other bloggers have giveaways for different things so I decided to have a "name that tractor" contest. We have to wait until I actually buy a tractor so we know what brand. That might be important. Anyway, you submit your choice of name and the guys at work will help me pick one winner so that I don't play favorites. If you win, you get one of my hand made coffee mugs! How's that?

*Robert Johnson


The Scavenger said...

Beautiful flowers and a great looking place you have there. I too have been looking for a tractor just haven't been able to find one for a song just yet. Money is always tight. But I may run up on a fixer upper someday. That would be more to my likeing anyhow. I love to find stuff that seems for have run it's course in life and then raise it from the dead. Just wanted to stop by and say hello and good luck with the tractor search.


Shannon said...

Count me in!

karl said...

beautiful flowers, we have had several flowers come up this year from seed that have never managed in years past.

Robbyn said...

I love the tractor-naming contest :) those coreopsis are beautiful!

Floridacracker said...

I love coreopsis of any color. That one is super.

As for the tractor contest, I'm in.
Thinking now ...

edifice rex said...

Hello Chris! Glad you stopped by; please visit often! Yea, I like to find stuff that most people would throw away and make something cool out of it. The search goes on but I have a feeling I will end up buying a new one.

Hey Shannon! Alright!

Hey karl! thanks! For some reason it seems some wildflowers take a couple of years to germinate.

Hey Robbyn! Thanks! Hope you participate in the contest!

Hey FC! Coreopsis is just about my favorite wildflower. I was hoping you would want to join in the contest!

hillbilly2be said...

That's a really nice looking flower, very bright and cheerful.

I vote that the name for the tractor should be "Big Bertha." My grandma's name was Bertha, and she was quite a lady. :)


Rurality said...

I already have one of your mugs, bwahaha! :)

I had to come over and give you a hard time for being such a GIRL about FC's tomato hornworm. :)

Wish you were closer, you could just borrow our tractor.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ron! Alright, I'll record that name for voting! Sounds like a good name for a tractor to me. I knew a Bertha also and she was a fine woman.

Hey Karen! Ha! you think I am being a girl about that worm, you should have seen me the other day when that rat ran between my feet at work!! UUghhhh! The guys are still laughing about all the squealing I did! thanks for the offer but I'm afraid I would need your tractor so much ya'll would get irritated at me! ;)