Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Down By The Seaside

Well,OK then, I'm gone to Florida for a while on a short holiday. Part of me just wants to stay home and putter around but I need to get out and do something different. Seeing the ocean and getting in the water always helps what ails you. I read once that salt water will cure anything, whether it is in the form of the sea, tears or sweat. Maybe that's true; I've tried the other two so let's see how this goes. Hope everyone out there has a great weekend. The flower is a morning glory raised from the seeds the O'Melay's sent. By the way karl, the tomatoes are wonderful too. Very tasty and I'm saving seeds.


pablo said...

Send me a postcard.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Have a lovely break from your routine. You must be a lover of the heat to go to
Florida at the hotest part of the year. For me I would be heading for some cool glade in the Smokie Mountains.

Linda said...


Just wanted to say I like the new banner-very welcoming and inviting deck. I'm sure it's a pleasure to see after a long day at work.

karl said...

tabitha recognized it straight away while looking over my shoulder. i'm glad you are enjoying the tomatoes. i'll happily accept seeds since my tomatoes are tragically awful.

Ron said...

It sure is nice to do something different now and then. Enjoy!


Floridacracker said...

Goin' to Florida?
Sounds good to me.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! I'll put one up on my site!

Hey Philip! It is actually sometimes cooler, or feels like it, in Florida because of the breeze from the water and you can get in the water. But, I do prefer warm weather over cold anyway. My blood is like water.

Hey Linda! Thanks! I needed to change the looks of things and yes, I love that deck; very nice to come home to.

Hey karl! I am harvesting quite a few tomatoes although they are suffering some from my neglect. I will send you all the seeds I can.

Hey Ron! Yes, it's very nice and I needed it.

Hey FC! I figured you would think so. Absolutely beautiful down there. I'll try to show where I went soon.