Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Little Wing

I found this fellow on the fence around my garden the other day. I have no idea what species or anything so don't look to me for any kind of ID. I would call him furry moth because he really had hair or something on his back that looked just like rabbit's fur in it's coloration etc. I really wanted to pet him because he looked so soft but knew he wasn't going to like that so I left him alone.

Work on my house has just about come to a standstill lately due to the heat and humidity here. The brief afternoon coolness we were enjoying a week or two ago has vanished and been replaced by sweltering heat so heavy, it literally seems to weigh on your body like a damp, clammy blanket. Of course, work at the job goes on regardless and despite warnings from the weather stations to stay inside during the hottest part of the day but you can bet by the time I get home I don't feel like doing a whole lot outside. We are accumulating a large crew at this new job and several of the carpenters have been on inside jobs for some time. We are not given any chance to acclimate to a new job in situations like this so some of them are having a bit of a rough time this week. I will try to get some photos of the job just because the formwork is so big and I have actually never worked on one like this before. There are so many carpenters on this job that is amounting to a reunion of sorts for me. They are all a great bunch of guys and some that I have not worked with in years, so that part is fun and, of course, lots and lots of stories and catching up to do! Stay cool if you can!

*Jimi Hendrix


Ron said...

What a beautiful moth... I just love those critters. We, too, have some Furry Moths like yours appear now and then.

It's been mighty hot and humid here too. Hard to work in that sort of weather!


Thomas said...

I found one in May, well not exactly the same kind, maybe a cousin ;-)


Is it a moth?

edifice rex said...

Hey Ron! Yeah, it seems that I have been seeing a lot of the very large moths lately too. and yeah, it's very hard to work in such heat but we do anyway. They do let us take water breaks pretty regular though.

Hello Thomas! Thanks for stopping by. I am fairly sure it is a moth but do not know the specific type. I was hoping one of my regular readers could tell me. the one you found does look very similar.

Jenn said...

Our humidity is up now in the desert as it's monsoon season.

I went out to run my dog at an agility course this morning, and when I got home I could estimate my water loss by perspiration by how much heavier my jeans were when I took them off. YIKES!

The big house job out of the office I work at has summer hours going. On the site at 5:00 am, off the site at 1:00 pm. It's amazing how fast the thing is going up, even in the heat.

edifice rex said...

I was not aware that there was ever much humidity out there! I guess I learned something today! We have switched hours also starting at 6:00 a.m. It helps some but when the humidity is regularly at 90-95% at 4:00 in the morning, it's still uncomfortable.