Friday, December 17, 2010

What Would You Say?

Well, the cabbages and broccoli are holding their own against the cold and ice so far. We have once again had some fairly cold weather and even some snow, which for December in the South, is a little odd. I believe however, that that is going to become the norm for us. At least for about the next 90 years anyway. I have, on the coldest nights, put some lights under the tunnel to help the greens out a little. Maybe it will work. Next year I must plant them earlier.

So, now to what the title refers to. I have noticed over the past year that many of the blogs I started out reading, or have read for some time anyway, have stopped posting. Seems like I can count on 2 hands the regulars that are no more. I've also noticed that a good many of my once regular commenters are gone. But my readership has gone up considerable and I have noticed a lot of new hits. Kind of an odd thing. I know that people's lives cycle around and many don't have time for certain things anymore. And I guess some people just lose interest. I'm wondering if the economic downturn has influenced any of this. Are people having to work more to make ends meet? At least, those who have jobs?
Things are changing in my own life but I do want to keep writing and providing some source for some information to those who might want it. I know lately the info has been a little stale but I am working on some new projects. I guess what I'm wondering is if many people are still getting any benefit from this blog. I guess some of you are or you wouldn't keep coming back.
Do I have some new readers out here who have not commented yet? Feel free to; I welcome all questions and comments.

I plan to do a couple more posts soon on pouring concrete and a few on the coldframe and winter gardening. Any longtime readers know I don't start my Christmas celebrations until Solstice and continue for the traditional 12 days. I will just include some short notes on that this year, instead of the in-depth stuff of last year. You can go back to last year's posts to read the history of the 12 days if you like. It's just what I do to encourage people to reject the abuse of consumerism during this holiday and to try to establish some rituals that actually mean something.
I will probably post at least one of my traditional holiday rants. lol!
I am going to try to start posting more on food and recipes and how I get the most out of my groceries and grow all I can. I have never posted a lot on cooking but I actually cook quite a bit, especially now that Jack is here. Due to the way I have always worked, I have come up with a number of time-saving recipes and ways to stretch my food and budget.

So, does any of this sound like things that would be interesting or are there just too many other blogs out there who already do a better job on those subjects? Or, does anybody simply have any other questions or comments?


Anonymous said...

Hey ER:) For me the lack of posting and commenting boils down to having posted everything I can think of and more over the years, that and being tired. After much thought and re-prioritising I post about once a month now instead of daily or weekly.

I don't feel compelled to post in case others lose interest (which I did when new) and now my posts relate to what's happening in the garden update type rhetoric lol.

Rusty said...

You always seem to find something of interest. To be sure - coming up with 'new' ideas when one is creating a blog around one subject must get pretty hard. Your writing covers a very wide range of topics.

I don't know if you have done it before but I would like to see a description of your kiln. Thats something I considered trying on a small scale many years ago but never got around to it. ATB!

Anonymous said...

New reader here, by way of RoundRock after Sugar Mountain Farm and I am very much enjoying wending my way through your past. KEEP POSTING please- we are rehabbng a 200 year old Cape in Maine and many of your thoughts resonate here!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Annie, not sure why folks stop posting or post less often and comment less - maybe it's a time thing. We do enjoy our little blog and also read other blogs, such as yours. We generally reply to all comments left on our blog, as do you. The only "problem" is in commenting on all other blogs we read on a daily basis, so then it also becomes a time factor. But regardless if you enjoy posting you should continue. We will continue to read and hope you will also stop by our place every now and then as well.

myamuhnative said...

Hey Annie, just keep writing!
I'd love to learn more about the cold frame and cooking too.
We had ice (ICE!)in the birdbath earlier in the week and my poor garden has been wrapped in plastic trying to keep things alive-could definitely use some advice cuz us South Fl people don't know much about real winter!
As far as commenting goes-long hours at work have put a damper on participation :-(

HermitJim said...

My friend, if I were you I would just keep on with whatever you feel comfortable doing!

I'll continue to read you and if I had a choice, I'd like to see some of your recipes and hints on quick cooking!

Being single, coming up with recipes for one, without being boring, is always a challenge!

Have a great day!

ErinFromIowa said...

Keep writing and I will keep reading. I started a tumblr. It works for me.

Pablo said...

I came originally for the house-building posts, but I stayed for the rest of it. Post whatever you want. I'll keep reading it.

Mom said...

I always enjoy reading your blog and I may have said this before, but you inspire me and I get up off my butt and go and do something. Plus, I love the house building stuff and enjoy reading your explanations of things. I'm a lover of mixing concrete but I've only done it for fence posts so far, but have in the back of my mind to do something more. I lack confidence and try and tell myself-just do it. I enjoy your artistic side, your pottery! And, I have also been interested in the relationship stuff that has been going on. So all in all, I'd say that this person hopes you keep on posting. Oh-you seem like a good person too. Jane in Maine p.s.I know in one persons case, (re: her blog)she kind of felt that it had become like a soap opera or reality show, maybe that is why people decide to stop posting on their blogs.

Floridacracker said...

Honey, you keep doing what you do! It's always worth a stop here and the cooking posts sound like just one more fine addition to one of the most unique blogs/personalities on the net.

Time has been catching me this fall, I try to be a daily poster, but I have really failed some weeks since work started.

For me, it's definitely working two jobs that's interfering ... not always with writing time, but getting out and photographing/experiencing nature time!

Frequent, interesting posting is vital to website popularity. I always feel like I'm letting my regulars down when a three day gap occurs.

I don't write for myself anymore ... probably never did.

Aunty Belle said...

Well, of course we want ya to keep postin'!!

I ain't a regular, but I poke mah haid in heah onc't in awhile an love it! I would miss ya!

I like the local/ crafty/garden flavor. The philosophy of stop the abuse of consumerism is right on. I learn tidbits I'm pleased to know. AN cookin' is always a plus--

Annie, the blog format is an interestin' animal--it always short reflections, questions, can be simply entertain' or invite a discussion--very flexible. What is key is yore atmosphere of easy exchange. Folks feel welcomed.

Stay warm, Puddin',

wolfek said...

I look to see if you have posted several times a week. I started when your house article was in the Times. Don't force yourself but I sure enjoy getting to share some of your goings on when you feel like it. I followed dogfight cove and now she has stopped and I feel like I lost a friend. Take care and write when you feel like it. I don't always answer because I feel like I don't have good stuff to say so I guess we are even.

Jenn said...

I love the broad scope of what you talk about. Carry on!

Jenn said...

I love the broad scope of what you talk about. Carry on!

Anonymous said...

Same here. Started with the house, but somewhere along the way I got attached to the Blogger.
Now it's like checking in with an old friend now and then, just making sure you're okay. :)
I'm very interested in your pottery, btw, and would love to see you actually throw something. I love your work and would be the proud owner of a few pieces if times were not so tight right now - just got new windows for our old farmhouse, a new roof and an extension on the barn - no spare cash for "wants" at the moment. :/
But someday I will own a bowl by Annie. :)
Keep on keeping on, Annie, as long as it makes You happy.
Btw, our french drains are working like a charm, so thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I am one of the many that drop by your blog, enjoy your writings on your life, your work, your garden and your outlook on the world.
I am enjoying the concrete work and also the cold frame. The light is probably a good idea. Yes, do tell us about your cooking.
Happy holidays, and enjoy them your own way! Peg on Vancouver Island

Anonymous said...

I just started reading in the past yr. found you via Florida Cracker.
Since I am a single female 50 and share your state find a bit of a connection. A carpenter I ain't, but enjoy reading about your place.
I've considered a blog, but decided I'd rather read other folks blogs, I'm a better reader than writer.
Yeah, I think people stop blogging for different reasons, and yep, I miss a lot who have stopped or blogged twice in the past yr. I feel like I have traveled vicariously in the past yr. when I was not able too, for many reasons, sick pets, economy, etc.
Keep it up. You are mulitfaceted, or well read or well rounded, anyway you put it.
tammy in Lower Al.

countrypeapie said...

I just logged onto blogger for the first time in ages yesterday. Seems I go for extended periods without it, and then spend all night trying to catch up on everybody's posts. I've not posted on my own blog since August. Yikes.

It has made me really happy to see all of your recent writings and pictures. So much is happening in your life and around your house!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Hey Annie. I'm one of the guilty ones. Quite often, I glance through all the blogs I follow, but I find it does take a long time for me to totally read through each and every blog. And I know I have been kinda slack on posting myself too. There just dos'nt seem to be enough hours in the day for me sometimes. I have had alot time off from work lately and been busy with things around here, building on the cabin, and still feel I did'nt accomplish enough to post about. But I will soon. All I can say is just keep doing what you're doing, I'm still following and probably will be until you quit blogging.

Anonymous said...

I hope you never stop; that is as long as YOU enjoy. Yours was the first blog ever I saw; got hooked immediately, reading it start to finish. You helped me a lot when I first was learning to blog. I know you know who I am :>)
Don't know what I would do if Annie quit blogging.

Wendy said...

Sorry I don't leave a lot of comments. I'm on the last leg of getting my book published. I spent the last year writing it, and I've spent the last four months in the editing phase. I'm still reading, but I often only have enough time to pop in, see what's up, and get back to "work." It's always a very nice break ;). I very much enjoy your blog.

Woody said...

Annie...I'm still sucking air. Just haven't felt like posting much lately. I too have seen a turnover in the folk I liked to read the most. I guess some just get on. Have a wonderful Christmas!