Monday, April 18, 2011

Chicken Box

Here's a little more on the chicken coop. I made fair progress on it today, however, looks like rain is coming in Wednesday and I have to go pick up clay tomorrow, so, I may not be able to get back to it until the weekend. I am really enjoying framing this little building and thinking about what decorative little touches I want to do.

I installed one of the windows today. This is one I pulled out of a dumpster on a job I was on. Brand new, still had the stickers on it. I got to looking and it is a Pella Low-E window; fancy-smancy. There was a Habitat For Humanity store not 5 miles from this church where we were building an addition but they opted to throw this window and 3 more in the dumpster rather than give them to Habitat. I am trying to not get started on that thought......

I know my window liner on this side not quite technically correct but it will work. I was trying to conserve wood. And, it's a chicken coop. Not building no piano here.
I'll have a few close-ups of technical details later and how exactly I attached stuff etc. Just trying to show progress here.


Richard said...

It's just plain fun to frame small buildings.

HermitJim said...

It looks pretty good to me so far! You make it all seem so easy and fun!

edifice rex said...

Hey Richard! yes, it is! I especially enjoy it when I get to play a little with the design.

Hey Jim! It is easy and fun !! lol!!
well, most of the time.