Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Way Conversation

The smallest of the cabbage I had that went through the winter has finally gotten large and has started forming heads. If you remember, all of the larger cabbage just went to seed without making heads. I read where some people attributed that to too much rain but I don't know. Could be. At any rate, I think I'm finally going to get some cabbage but I do not believe I will try the overwintering on undeveloped plants anymore. I'll plant them early enough that they can make heads before it gets real cold. I've had a number of cabbage worms showing up to munch my crop but I have just been handpicking them off instead of trying an organic spray. Doesn't take too much time and seems to work well. There are some bite marks in the leaves but nothing major.

As I've mentioned lately, I've been a little frustrated with the blog lately, or maybe just myself. I've felt like I haven't been offering enough usable information for my readers; just 'here, this is what I built today' stuff. So, I tried to organize my thinking and posts to offer pertinent info and actual reasons to back up what I do. I mean, there are a lot of people new to self-sufficiency that might not see the benefit or reason to do certain things. In doing this however, I felt like I was just repeating myself over again and then I actually felt like maybe I just didn't have much to say anymore. Maybe I had overstayed my usefulness here. I think a lot of bloggers fear this at times. Let's face it, 5 years is a long time to be sitting here spouting off.
I was looking back to the beginning of my blog last night and it struck me how that even in cyberspace, our relations with people ebb and flow. Many people that used to read here all the time have disappeared or are silent at least. Many are just gone. Many that used to comment are still here but just don't say anything anymore. Even the other women in our Blount County Bloggers group don't read here anymore! Have I become a pariah? lol!! It's like that in real life too. People come and go but then you have a few that stick with you forever! I hope that I have always made people feel welcome and that they could contribute. Now, I know that I have, ahem....very strong opinions. I do things a certain way. But I have often taken my readers advice and done things they suggested and it worked out well. I do not want to be one of those bloggers that claims to be God's gift to DIY. (I have a big time rant brewing on that one.) I don't claim to have ever invented shit about tools and construction. I'm not famous or have people beating my doors down for movie rights. I do know how to do a few things however and want to show others that they can do those things too. It's not as hard as some might think but you do have to understand certain principles of structural design. Whether or not you want it to be artsy-fartsy also is simply up to you. As a matter of fact, I'll show you mistakes I make. Monday, when I worked on the coop last, I was getting tired towards the end of the day and I fell on a sheet of plywood trying to make a cross cut and scraped my arm badly, not to mention my pride. On top of that, I made the cut wrong and had to recut that sheet to salvage what I could, thereby wasting some of it. I banged my head trying to walk through the chicken door and finally, I zinged a nail and the pointy end hit me right in the boob. That hurts by the way. I said, you know, I think it's time to call it a day.

Do you think it's mean of me to put the chickens next to the garden where they can look out their window and see all the crops growing? knowing that they can't go in there? lol!! Well, I guess they'll get over it. One reason I put it there was so that their wastes would be very close to the composter and the garden wastes wold be very close to the chickens. Wouldn't have to haul either but a few feet.
So, anyway, I see I have lots of visitors but you must tell me; are you actually getting much info that you can use? And I know some of you just like to read whether or not it's informative or not. I know maybe it's a little boring sine I don't have the man drama I used to! Ha!! Well, I could tell you stories about some of the crazy stuff Jack does but he might get hurt at me. Some of it's pretty damn funny though. Let me say this; if you are ever going to come to visit, please call first because I'd hate for you to catch him out in the yard in nothing but his combat boots. He's worse than I am about shedding his clothes.
Do you want me to show more detailed building instructions or methods? I know sometimes I just kinda brush over that or completely forget. Like, I forgot to show ya'll how I made cuts on that cork flooring. (If you don't do it right you can screw up the surface)
So, throw me a bone here folks...have I gotten stale? not enough info? pissed you off? Want me to write about something completely different sometimes? Am I repeating myself too often? I know the garden is a popular subject, even though there are tons of better gardeners than me. Anyway, I'm trying to enliven things a little. I personally think the time is come for all of us to embrace a simpler yet more satisfying life and I'm just trying to show how I am going about it. Right now, it's our option to live more simply but I fear that in the years ahead it may not be an option.


Floridacracker said...

Not stale at all!
Lately I have done more reading than commenting only due to a crowded schedule.
I hate that, because I love getting comments at PF and it is a 2 way street.

You be careful Oh Mighty God's Gift To DIY.

Anonymous said...

Please, please keep up both the human thought flow and the how-tos- I read for both, and enjoy everything that you write enormously- from the "here's how I did that" to "here's what I am throwing right now" to "shit- I screwed that one up- don't make these mistakes". I also just plain enjoy the way your mind works and how you write. Keep it up, please!!
Sal in Maine

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I always enjoy your blog. I do not know why people drop off the end and stop reading one's blog. I guess peoples lives are busy pulling them in various way.

You need to quit after the first on the job accident. That is my policy anyway. When I fell of my two story roof while shingling it. I called it quits for the day. I was just glad I could still stand and walk in the house.

Where is Jack. I am sure he would would be willing to kiss your boo boos better. . . or is that boob boobs better.. . .whatever!

Anonymous said...

Never stale ER! I am one who used to comment a lot but rarely have time thesedays....and thats all it is, a lack of time, I still always read and always come away with a smile:) Keep those posts coming:)

ignatz said...

love reading about all the aspects of your life, rants and projects---would actually like to know how you plan your structures, drawings, perfect plans to follow or just a general idea because you know what you're doing? do you doodle your ideas or draft a plan?

newcracker52 said...

I haven't found your blog stale at all. It is very interesting and my wife and I talk about the things you do. Keep it up. The tomatoes are geting big. Just hope we have nice weather so I can keep them outside more. Bad storms lately. Jim

Pablo said...

I come here every day. I'm not necessarily looking for any specific information. I just enjoy the conversation.

Richard said...

Visit every day to see what's going on. Never a dull moment.

I actually thought you were building your coop next to the garden so the chickens could be in it. Chickens wouldn't hurt anything, eat the bugs and fertilize as they go.

Word verification today is...ducker

Ed said...

I come to your blog because I enjoy reading what you have written the way you have presented it. Personally, you don't have to change a thing Annie.

Also, don't get hung up on stat counters. Write what you do for you and let the people who visit sort themselves out. It is much easier that way.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! you are so funny! I actually try to be careful, especially with power tools. Yeah, I can tell you are very busy lately.

Hey Sal! thank so much for that. It really helps when people can give me specifics that they enjoy. Although it does give me pause that you enjoy how my mind works...LOL!! just kidding!

Hey Philip! thanks! yeah, I think if I fell off my house I would quit for the day. :)
Jack has done his level best to help cure my boo-boos! :D

Hey Molly! yes, I know you're busy too but I always enjoy hearing from you.

Hey Page! okay! I'll try to post about that. I do some doodling and minor sketches.

Hey Jim! yeah, we've been having awful storms also. thanks and hope your maters continue to do well.

Hey Pablo! well, you are one of the ones I referred to as 'sticking with you forever'! ;) I appreciate it!

Hey Richard! well, I do intend to let them in occasionally. But not when I have tomatoes or melons! At times I do want them to go in and clean out the bugs etc.

Hey Ed! well, I don't pay a lot of attention to the stats, just occasionally. I just like to hear from new readers if they want to see or learn about something in particular. Long-time readers too!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. You life is very interesting. I just don't have a lot to say myself. I am a daily reader/lurker I guess but don't change a thing!

Woody said...

Annie...I wouldn't read you if I didn't like you. I wouldn't like you if you were a fake blogger turd trying to be something you're not. Rock on Annie!

ErinFromIowa said...

Your garden, coop and compost set up is awesome! I can't wait to see it all growing and blooming.
Did I tell you I am growing mesclun and freesias in my apt? In the west windows in long and narrow planters.

edifice rex said...

Hey Anon! well, thank you for the comment and feedback. I appreciate you reading.

Hey Woody! lol! thanks man! I'm glad I'm not a fake blogger turd too!

Hey Erin! thanks! I can't wait to see it too. that's great about the planters; every little bit helps! you go!

HermitJim said...

One of the bright spots of my day is coming by your house and seeing what you're up to!

Just my 2 cents, but I wouldn't want you to quit or change a thing! I enjoy having you around!

You just keep on being you, OK?

mountainmelody said...

Hey, I visit your blog. The other BCBs are just missing out! :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thank you sweetie! you always make me feel better.

Hey Melody! you know, when I wrote that I knew that you still read here, or was pretty sure of it! didn't mean to diss you!

Jenn said...

Oh Annie. You're not stale. Take you time, let content come. Part of a simple life is letting things occur in their own time.

That said, I do have one bit of feedback. I've had trouble with the new color scheme/text selection. I didn't want to say anything right away, because it's architectural, and I like architectural, and I thought I would get used to it.

I think with that font you need more contrast. Light text on dark ground is very snazzy, but it is harder to read (at least in my experience)

Hope this doesn't down your day. You know I'm a fan!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Annie, always enjoy your posts even when you are ranting. We can all learn from one another even if we're not into doing the same things all the time. Not sure why people stop reading/commenting except that sometimes it's not possible to comment on every blog. I try to read as many as possible but last week was out of state visiting my mom with (heavens) no itnernet access and so fell behind.
One suggestion I would offer is to avoid typing in all caps, even if small caps. Somehow it just seems harder to ead (at least for me).

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn! Girl, i wish you had said something sooner! I been sittin' here the last couple of weeks thinking, 'you know, this font seems a little hard to read!' Lol!! seriously! I'm no graphic designer by any means, so please, tell me if it is hard to read or doesn't look right.

Hey Beatrice! well, I think some of my readers come here HOPING that I have put up a rant! Ha!! just kidding; sorta.
thanks for the input although, I hate to say, I have actually not been typing in all caps; I don't like that myself, but the font I was using made it look like I was. It also made it hard for me to distinguish punctuation. I think the design I have now is better but ya'll let me know!

Anonymous said...

Hey Annie,
I'm real bad about not commenting, but I enjoy reading your blog and you always make me smile. My husband reads you too, when you're building something, or laying floors, or explaining french drains. You'd be surprised how often your name gets tossed around here when we're doing contruction. :)
You're a woman of many talents. I'm glad you don't mind sharing your talents and thoughts with all of us.

edifice rex said...

Hey V! thanks! I bet my name does get tossed around....along with some expletives!! lol!! just kidding! I'm glad I'm of some help.

Jenn said...

Nobody wants to dampen creativity, even with constructive criticism.

It's a delicate balance!