Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scenes From Home

Hey Everybody!  Didn't mean to be away quite so long but it seems my Internet connection out of town has just about become non-existent unless I take my laptop out somewhere and this past week I just have not had much time.  I know, same ol' story.  Time at home is packed full of chores and such and just trying to rest a little.

I wouldn't say I've had writer's block also, but I just haven't been able to get my mind around a specific topic to write about either.  There has been much to think about lately and the fading of summer to autumn always makes me a bit melancholy too.  Things are changing in many ways.

 There is a lot of discontent around.  Not here mind you.  Out in the world it seems though and at work.  Things are changing and not all for the good.  My valley seems immune and I guess I am reluctant to dwell on things while I am here, lest I bring discontent home with me.

 I will tell you more soon however.  I guess for now we'll just enjoy the sights of home.

Ya'll know I am at heart a restless soul, although I love my time at home.  Not sure where the wanderlust in me comes from; certainly not my parents.  Must be from much further back.  I suppose the travel with work has stirred the desire to explore once again but without the opportunity to indulge it.  Go to work; come back.  Repeat.

These leaves have faded now but with the job being a good distance further south, I get to enjoy a second leaf changing when I go back.  Funny that 100 miles would make that much difference.

I need to make some established hiking trails in my woods to better enjoy these sites.  The deer trails make a good starter trail but need a little clearing to make them less trouble for humans.
Jack is gone to visit family in Texas this weekend so I have the homestead to myself.  Feels funny to be here alone now.  I couldn't help but to feel my isolation last night as I went downstairs to check the fire.  The full moon illuminated the black forest around me and in the not so far distance the coyotes were singing their awful, joyful hunting song.  I shivered.  I stoked the fire and ran back inside to snuggle in the bed alone.  Things will be better in the morning.


ErinFromIowa said...

I love this post for a variety of reasons. So good to hear from you. The green frog is on my desktop now.

newcracker52 said...

I enjoy the way you say things. I'm jealous because I din't express my self as well as you do. You always make me think and that is great.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Annie, the scenes really would make it hard for me to leave. Love the green frog and leaves. I always enjoy reading your posts even if there's not always time to reply. Your personal feelings do make me take notice more. Thank you.

HermitJim said...

Always beautiful around your place! For some reason, this year the change of seasons has made me a tad uneasy. Sort of sad, ya know?

Glad you are having a chance to rest up a bit! I'm always glad to hear from you again!

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! thanks! glad you enjoyed it all!

Hey New! thanks! I appreciate that. I always think the same thing when i read the writings of others though; "they express themselves so much better than I can!". I guess it helps us try harder though. :)

Hey Bea! and thank you! I appreciate your pretty regular comments.

Hey Jim! thanks! yeah, I have been uneasy too; not sure why. I think things will improve though.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the scenes. They help to satisfy my "want homestead" craving. The frog is SO green!

Isn't that weird about how 100 miles can make such a difference sometimes, when other times you could go a good bit further and not have the same change (or so it seems).

Thanks for the update.


edifice rex said...

Hey R! thanks! glad you enjoyed all of it!

Anonymous said...

gosh this photography is beautiful annie!


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