Saturday, November 26, 2011

You Talk

I've know I've rambled on lately about how busy I've been and bad connections and such, and that has definitely been the case, but I have a small confession to make too.  I've been a little burnt out on blogging lately.  I think it's been a combination of all the above and well, sometimes you just run out of things to say, I think.  Any natural conversation ebbs and flows and I look at blogging as a bit of a conversation.  But don't ya'll feel like you're going to disturb me if you ramble on at me a bit or ask questions or just have stuff you want to say!  And I think ya'll know that often times, when I have stuff brewing in my head, it takes me a little while to put it into words.  I think working out of town, away from my home, has made me confront how differently I live (and how different my belief system is) than most people and that has thrown a lot of thoughts into my head.
I'm sorry that I have not always answered ya'll's comments lately either.  I appreciate your feedback very much but really did often have trouble getting online while out of town and then by the time I got home I would forget or such.  But I'm back now and am trying to remedy that. 

 I have also not been making the rounds of your blogs as much either.  This is simply due to time constraints, I swear.  By the time I got home I had so much to cram into two days that I just didn't have much time for reading.  I also know there are some blogs I read that are not on my blog roll and some old ones that need removing.  I hope to update all that soon.  I will admit though, due to time constraints, I have narrowed my blog list down to those mostly dealing with homesteading or similar.  Plus, I don't know if it's been the routine of hard work again or what but I have been quite motivated to finish many projects around here lately and have been working on that.  I plan to start the kitchen soon; just as soon as I can get these pottery orders out to the stores, so that will cut back on some 'Net time.  But I am still out here!
I know ya'll are probably sick of chicken pics but ya'll also know I hate to put up a post without photos!  and, I couldn't remember if I ever showed ya'll the nesting box arrangement we built.  It has worked well I think.  We have 5 boxes for the girls and they have all taken to them great!  We put a fake egg in each one but I don't know that we really needed to.  I was concerned since we let the chooks out in the yard for the day but they all come back to the house when they get the urge and lay in the box.  Most of the young hens are laying now so we are getting lots of eggs.  From right to left is Sylvia, Pretty Hen and way down you can just see Emily's butt sticking out.  The cage area beneath is for when we get bitties.  They stay in there and have a hatch out to their own yard so they are never mixed with the big chickens.  Oh, if there are any local people that might want fresh eggs we are selling them now.  Just email me or such if you would like to purchase or stop by if you see the gate open.  They are $3 a dozen or $2.50 if you bring your own carton.  Of course, they are fresh and completely free range.  No drugs, hormones etc.

I might sell a couple of these too, when they reach harvesting age.  They are much more active than I thought they would be.  They can fly and jump around and enjoy roosting.  I like to see them snoozing in the sunshine.  They seem to enjoy that so much.
Okay, so back to work!  I don't think my kiln has cooled off for the past 3 days and won't for another few!  That's good though; the money is going towards my kitchen cabinets!


Rita said...

I liked seeing your pottery and chickens. My daughter and I both like to do hand work. She knits and crochets and I sew pillow cases and such. We also like to make soap. Visited a consignment shop today. One that will sell your craft for you. We were hoping to find a nice place to sell what we make but may find it best to sell on line. This place was just shabby and very very cold as in no heat. We make quality products and want to sell them. So I guess when the time is right we'll see about Etsy or a blog although as you can tell I do not put words together all that well. Good to read your blog again. I hope you sell all of the pots you make and they ask for more. Yea!

Aunty Belle said...

Hey EdiRex!!

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Wow--looks like thangs is doin' jes' swell upo thar' in nawth Alababmy...I'se jes' in B'ham fer bidness an' shoulda tried to come git some of those fresh eggs--yore chickens is lookin' wunnerful.

Doan worry about blog burnout--happens.

Let's us know how that new stove be workin' out.

edifice rex said...

Hey Reet! thanks! well, keep looking for consignment shops or galleries to sell your stuff; I'm sure there are some good ones somewhere in your area. Don't sell yourself short and think it's not good enough to go in a gallery setting either. Lots of people do that. I have sold some stuff online but find it much easier and more successful to sell directly to people. When it comes to crafts, generally, I think people still prefer to be able to hold the object in their hands before purchasing.
I think you put words together just fine too! ;)

Hey Aunty! Good to hear from you! hope you had a great Thanksgiving also. Yes, anytime you are in Birmingham you call me for some eggs! Be happy to get you some and I will definitely let ya'll know how I like the stove!!

HermitJim said...

I sure like coming over here! Get to see all that pottery and all those egg factories!

I always get a bang out of your blog, but you know that, right?

You have a great day, my friend!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Your chickens look really healthy.
It is so much fun when they start laying. I can remember when we got our first flock 30 years ago. I ordered 100 day old chicks, all hens. It took twenty weeks before they began to lay. What a moment it was when my 12 year old son brought in the first egg. We went around town and showed it to everyone we knew. It was like a miracle. It did not take long for the hens began laying in earnest. I had no idea how many eggs 100 hens can lay. Eggs, everywhere. I had a fridge full in no time. We sold what we could at the house but we needed a more deliberate plan so we formed a small company for my son. He developed an egg route. Thank God for a few places that took 15 dozen at a time. At times I was eating two dozen a day myself. When I had an overflow we bundled them up and sold them at the weekly farm auction. (Do you have such a thing in your area. It is a wonderful place to meet other hobby farmers). How time has moved on I was happy to get $1.00 a dozen and you can now get $3.00 a dozen.

Jen said...

I enjoy reading your matter what you talk about. Thanks for inviting me into your world. -Jen

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thank you sir!! I always appreciate your kind comments!

Hey Philip! Ha! I love that story! I have to admit that it still fascinates me to no end to go out and just pick up all those eggs out of the boxes! It is like magic! lol! We do have a pretty good farmer's market here that runs most of the year but has closed down for now. I'm gonna have to find somewhere to sell these eggs though! $3.00 is a bargain for fresh, clean eggs too. I have seen organic eggs sell for $4-4.50 a dozen in the grocery stores.

Hey Jen! you are most welcome! thanks for reading!

Curmudgeon said...

I've been tired of writing too not to mention writers block. I even have my own brand new computer. I think I've been sore a lot am walking a lot trying to get ready to find a job.

Always love to hear from you.

I almost never drink out of anything but my cup. Weird, water tastes better out of it. Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas or holidays if you prefer.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi ANnie, do know what you mean about not having enough time and about blogger's block. I'm finding it hard to post and then read blogs because of trying to get things done in our home. We're doing lots of downsizing and man does that take time. Sure wish we lived closer cause we would be happy to buy eggs from you and Jack. Glad things are going so well for you.

edifice rex said...

Hey Dan! I'm so glad you are enjoying your mug! I think stuff tastes better out of handmade ware too.
Good luck on your leg rehabilitation and job hunt. I know that has got to be tough. I enjoy hearing from all of ya'll too! thanks for taking the time to leave a comment for me. I really appreciate it.

Hey Bea! thanks! good luck on the downsizing! I need to do some serious cleaning an de-cluttering as soon as I can get some time also.