Sunday, December 18, 2011

Silent Sunday (well, not really)

 We've been getting some hard frosts but the broccoli is taking it all in stride and growing.  Supposedly it can take down to around 20 degrees F.

 Full occupancy!  First time I've seen this!

 Ms. BeaBea hiding out in the dusting box.  She's been molting so she's been keeping a low profile.  She almost seems embarrassed by what she looks like and doesn't want anybody to see her.  Bertha has been kind enough to stay with her and keep her company though.  They are the two oldest hens and pretty tight friends.

Interesting rock.  These are all over my land and range from golf ball size to truck size.


Jeff Vandiver said...

Broccoli sure is a Hardy crop, and I'm always amazed by mine, too. Looks like yours are doing quite well.

Aunty Belle said...

It sounds so pastoral---broccoli is a workhorse veggie.

EdiRex, I'se jes; so sorry 'bout yore chickens. Real sorry. Hpa[y to see the "full occupancy" photo!

Also read backwards on yore blog to the one on makin a living wif' yore art or craft--youse right!! Folks want handmade--I shure did--an' I'se still delighted wif the two pieces ya did fer me--luv em' an aways git compliments.

Youse wise to note how important it be tpo be ruthless in judgin' ypre own work--an' the critical step of findin' a good venue fer showin' yore work to the public--very good points.

Merry Christmas Sweet Chile'!!

Island Rider said...

Sorry, I have been siletn. Puppy, work, Christmas and a cold combined have kept me from commenting. I did want to say I was sorry about your chickens. People who have never had them don't know how much you get attached to them.

HermitJim said...

I really like that picture of all the chicken nesting away in their boxes! Makes things feel very homey!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jeff! Yeah, it's great! This years crop has done much better than last years. I think that's due to amending the soil more with chicken poo! lol!

Hey Aunty! thank you for all your kind words. Merry Christmas to you!!

Hey IR! Yeah, I been wondering where you got off to! lol! Hope you are feeling better. Yeah, most people would laugh at me for cryin' over an ol' chicken but you do get attached to them.

Hey jim! Yeah, I was excited to see that and they almost filled them up again today; just lacked one.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We tried growing broccoli for a couple of years, but didn't have the success you have, so we gave up. Good to see your crops doing so well. Those chickens do look contented too.

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! thanks! Well, I sure can't imagine why ya'll were not successful with the broccoli. I mean, I do okay but I'm no master gardener by a long shot!

chickory said...

I love the hens....and wow the shot of all your laying boxes full is wonderful. The molt is a stressful time. SOmetimes I supplement my hens with wild game bird food which is for feather health...they dont really need it...i guess it makes me feel better. I wish I could have regular sized hens instead of bantams, but as long as I have to haul them to and from atlanta they gotta be small. I havent been on the blogs in a you, i was almost covered over in orders for handmade....and just finished everything yesterday. ahhhhhhhhh now I can relax and visit friends. Merry Christmas to you!