Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quiet Times

Hey Everybody!  well, I'm still hanging in but for some reason, I just have had no idea or information to post about.  I've rolled things over in my head for some time and am just not really sure why I've been so quiet lately.  I have felt much better this past week and went back to work but that in itself is an act of pure frustration.  The job has become depressing and futile.  The only nice thing is that I get to see my fellers some, and that only at lunch.  I think I mentioned that my old company was bought out and then the company that bought us was bought by a company from California.  Well, I suppose as a sign o' the times, we now have to sign our life away to work for these people, so I can no longer blog about work, the people I work with, what we do at work or how I feel about work.  Even if done anonymously, as I always have done.  So, that takes out subject matter for a number of posts.  And general how-to info that a lot of people could probably use.  Going back to my old job has certainly made me think about a lot of things lately and most of it ain't good.  I feel so badly for a lot of the guys I work with that bought into that consumer lifestyle and are now indebted to these corporations with no end in sight.  They say peonism was outlawed years ago but I believe it is still alive and well, flourishing even.  The only difference now, is that instead of false arrest, they use shiny new vehicles and $300 cell phones to lure people into servitude.  I thank God every day that something showed me long ago not to enslave myself like that. 

I guess I've also been fairly frustrated at some of the trends I see in social media.  Namely, if you are a even slightly conservative or religious person you can expect to be insulted, criticized, stereotyped unfairly and have numerous hateful comments hurled your way.  I guess because I am an artist a lot of people just assume that I would be wholly liberal and without any religious convictions and so at times have been flooded with all types of hateful, bigoted crap on Facebook and other areas, designed solely to discredit Christians or any other conservative person, all the while spouting how open-minded and wonderfully non-judgmental they are.  I've even seen writers for a few public forum type homesteading blogs spew such crap.  You know, on your own blog, you can write whatever you want, but if you are a guest writer for a homesteading blog, the fact you were offended because some person had the gall to name a pet after a Christian term has no place in the public post you are writing.  But that's the thing, the sport du jour these days is to insult or criticize as many Christian people as you can.  And yes, I realize there are plenty of hypocrites in this world; I build churches fer cryin' out loud.  But I know a good many conservative, religious people that just don't deserve that kind of counter hypocrisy and hatred.  So, while I have a good rant brewing in my head, I've been trying not to explode all over the place.  Turn the other cheek and all that and ya'll long time readers know, that's a real hard one for me. 

I also feel that I just haven't given ya'll much decent information over the past few months.  And yes I know many of ya'll have commented that you don't read this blog for info, you just like to see how I'm getting along and such.  While I sincerely appreciate the sentiment, that's kinda depressing too, if you'll excuse me.  I want my readers to get something they can use out of this blog.  Something that might help your life be a little easier or a project go better or a way of doing things you hadn't thought of.  I don't want to post yet another picture of my daffodils blooming or the chickens running around the yard.
So, I guess I'm just a little discouraged by my own ineptness and things I see out in the 'real' world.  I don't know.  I'll snap out of it.  I'm getting my spring plantings in the garden and I'll show ya'll some of that.  It's definitely looking like spring around here now and I know that will brighten my mood.  So, how are ya'll getting along??


Pablo said...

Every time I read your blog I get something I can use out of it, even if it is no more than knowing another person in the world shares the same kind of struggles, frustrations, achievements, and joys that I do.

(I do hate the new captcha mechanims that blogger is using though!)

HermitJim said...

I always enjoy seeing you are still thinking of us! Lord knows you have a lot on your plate right now, but it's still nice to hear from you!

Remember to try and stay positive, my friend!

I ditto the comment on the captcha thing! Hate it!

Chieftain of Seir said...

I have noticed the same thing that you are talking about.

I know a guy of Hispanic origin who does not go to church, has a very negative view of a lot of religious people, and who has been at the bottom of the economic ladder for his entire life.

Under the Bush administration he roused himself from his habitual state of political apathy to vote the democratic ticket as he was not happy with how he felt the rich were getting all the breaks.

The funny thing about all this is that he felt guilty about voting for the democrats because he felt like he was betraying his values to support his economic interests.

He told me about liberals that he had known and how he felt that most of them hated God. And how that made him feel real uncomfortable because he credited God with helping him get over problems he had with drugs and drinking.

The event really struck with me because he lived in a liberal area that always votes democrat. He was not religious per say even though he was not an atheist. He was bottom of the economic ladder and a minority to boot. Nor did he grow up in a religious family or come from a conservative area (he came from New York City). Yet he still struggled with his decision to vote Democrat because he felt he had voted against God.

Now I know liberals who would argue that he only feels that way because he has been brainwashed. But I think a lot of them just can't seem themselves through other people eyes.

I got in an argument with a liberal guy that I work with over a slam he made on the internet against a particular candidate. I had no use for the candidate either but I really felt the language used by him was unfair and unhelpful.

I asked him if he would say the same things to a guy we both know and respect as being beyond reproach in his morals and one the best tradesmen around to boot. He did not have the guts to do that. He was perfectly happy to badmouth a group. But when it came to saying it to an individual he would not do it.

Yet how is that individual suppose to feel when he belongs to the group that you just said some really nasty things about?

Rita said...

I always enjoy reading whatever you write. I know you mentioned some things about working in your garden and I remember using those ideas. Today I was at the vet and ask a farmer gal who was there with her dog about moles. My aunts back yard is nothing but a sea of mole runs. She told me about a 3 prong trap and how to insert it into the ground. But maybe you have a better idea? I just know the moles have to go. I know many people I talk to right now are feeling kind of down. Weather here has been gloomy, jobs are hard to find so even if you have a bad job you keep it have lived beneath your means. Then you can manage with just part time work here and there to pay taxes, groceries, utilities and up keep in the house and car. I prefer this kind of life and for the first time in my life I'm trying to buy some of my clothing at the thrift store. We are happy to cut back in order stay out of the world and what is going on. Did a bit of sale shopping today and had a sandwich out so we are not totally out of the loop. :) I just like it when you keep us up on what is going on in your life.

Island Rider said...

I also had to sign a social media agreement and it puts a cramp in what I write. When you spent a third of your life or more at a place and then, you can't write about it makes it tough. Why shouldn't I be able to share my life's work, good and bad with others? Keep writing when you feel like it. Stay off facebook. I was only on there for two weeks before I knew it was not only a time sucker, but all the meaningless drivel about people's lives was depressing. Oh, I guess some people might say that about my blog. I guess that is why I have so few readers and commenters!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! well thanks; I guess that mostly why anybody reads blogs really and that's good too. :)

Hey Jim! well, I am trying to be positive...I promise! :D I just sometimes get aggravated with things.
I guess I haven't seen this captcha thing....

Hey Chieftain! Yeah, see that what I'm talking about! I'm sitting there as these people are just calling 'my group' all kinds of horrible things and I'm thinking, hey, don't you realize maybe I consider myself part of this group?? But if you were to criticize THEIR group, oh hell, they would go ballistic.

Hey Reet! yeah, I have a bit of a problem with moles too but I just walk on their tunnels and squish them down. You have to do it a few times but it makes the moles tunnel deeper, so you don't see the tunnels anymore. Now, if there are lots of tunnels this can be time consuming.... I have also buried empty glass bottles in my raised beds with about an inch of the opening sticking up. When the wind blows across the mouth the bottle vibrates and drives the moles away.
I like your comment, "We are happy to cut back in order stay out of the world and what is going on." I feel that way too, more and more.

Hey IR! yeah, I could see that they don't want people blogging real names or stuff but what crap. It's freedom of expression to me. I only keep my FB account because my nieces and nephew seem to prefer that way of contacting me and I hate to not talk to them. I rarely get to see them anyway and that way I can at least 'see' them some.
I'll tell you, you may not have many readers because you write about decent, God-related stuff and people don't want to see that kinda stuff. They want people to write perverse, hateful things.

John said...

No matter what you write, it is important to someone. Probably not everyone, and maybe only to you. That is what is main idea.

pamit said...

Annie, your writings inspire me to be more resourceful and independent. I'm currently living alone, so that's extremely important! And another thing I've gotten from following your blog is my beautiful bowls, which I use almoist every day!

That said: as a politically liberal atheist, who comes from poor Southern country folk, I most notice the hate from the other side. This crap (denigrating other folks' values) began with Atwater and Rove and has grown into a monstrous, destructive thing for our country. The thing to deplore is the lack of respect, the rudeness and meanness, on BOTH sides. Neither has a monopoly on it; there are plenty of examples on both the right and left, because let's face it, it WORKS politically. Hate will bring people to the polls as much as hope. It is very, very sad. I try like hell to keep from thinking it's all on the other side, and I encourage everyone to do the same.

On a lighter note...what's the captcha? Is there some other blog I should be following? Hmm...

Floridacracker said...

So how long does this construction gig last?

Hipocracy and hate ... oh GAWD, there's plenty to go around.

I am raising chickens vicariously through your blog, since I am taking a chicken break for a while.
It's almost chick time in the feedstores so I must be strong.

Jenn said...

There is nothing at all wrong with posting what I call a *ping* post. One that says "Hey, I'm still here. Not much to say. What's up?"

Nothing at all wrong with that. It tells us that you are still around, and that is good.

As for religion - I just wish we could treat men and women as humans and not divide it up into men get the health care they need and women don't because it's against God's will. Can we keep the christianists* out of the government and health care business?

I have no problem basing our rule of law on basic principles that the Christian religion believes in (as in followers of Christ, who doesn't appear until the NEW testament), as long as they can be applied universally.

Buddists, Muslims, Pagans, Atheists etc. all benefit from being protected from evil ... be that greed in its many forms or some psycho or ... well. That about covers the sources of evil - the mentally unbalanced, and greed, pure greed. Huh.

*('Christianists' - those that cherry pick the old testament to provide 'evidence' against whatever freedom they want to curtail at the moment. Which would be fine and dandy if they were following ALL of the old testament, and not just the part that they can weaponize...)

Sorry. done with rant now.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Annie, the reason you haven't seen the capcha thing is because as a blog author you don't have to do a verification to post a comment. It was the same way with us and folks would tell us they were having a hard time posting a comment and that was BEFORE this new double verification process that blogger has initiated. So we went into our setting and removed it. Now we have been getting anonymous spam comments, but I am very familiar with the delete key and mark them as spam, but blogger has been beating me to that and catching them as spam.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pam! you are right on the money as far as the hate and crap from both sides. It's all around, it just kinda seems like some have taken the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy instead on trying to take the high road and not go down to that level.
Glad you are enjoying your bowls! I don't know what this captcha thing is; I can't see it on anybody's blog.???

Hey John! this is true.! thanks!

Hey FC! well, it's supposed to last until about May or June but the way things are going it may end next week for me. ha! just trying to keep a decent attitude.
Glad you enjoy reading about our chickens!

Hey Jenn! yeah, I know what you mean, I call them 'churchies'. And yes, that crap needs to stay out of healthcare, government etc. I just wish all these people screaming respect for all would actually respect all.

Hey Bea! Well, I looked on other people's blog and I still haven't seen the thing and I checked my account too, to make sure it wasn't on there..I don't think it is?? It's elusive to me! lol!

Curmudgeon said...

Ya know, I went to Sunset school of preaching, Spent some time in India teaching English as a missionary in an orphanage.
Then I was in a manipulative sect for a long time. When I made a break,I did exit counseling for a lot of people coming out of that sect. As a member of that group it never occurred to me I was doing psychological damage to people. It's not that hard. All black and white thinking is evil, and that's what they did. I still go to a church and love God, but I can't believe how much one church can destroy the reputation of so many. Yeah they're out there. Just like every other organization in the world. I can see where they could get that attitude. I had it for a while.

Any way, you're a friend I can always trust to bounce back from struggles in a big way. You know things get better. I enjoy your blog.

Swamp Dog said...

I myself get frustrated every day, especially when I watch or read news from the MSM. You just have to turn that emotion into a positive. Tell yourself "Yes, I knew I was right to be prepping. thank you Lord for helping me see the light and spreading the word to others as I can." You will be amazed how your outlook will improve, mine certainly did. If I get a positive comment from just one person, it can make me glow for an entire week!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It seems religious and political biotry and insensitivity can come from all sides of the spectrum. I am one of those left wing socialists who is also a liberal religionists, often seen as off the scale of Christian groups. I am interested in conservative view, religious and political, but I have little patience of stupid views, which seem to dominate so much of the right wing religious and politcal views. I would enjoy a true dialogue between the conservative and progressive postions on any number of issue.

Don't pay attentions to idiotic views.

edifice rex said...

Hey Dan! that's very interesting; I would have never guessed you had been a missionary. I don't mean that in any bad way either! lol! Oh, I know what you mean, I was brought up in a very restrictive, cultish-like church. We started butting heads about the time I learned to think for myself so I certainly see why people can have a bad opinion of churches etc. I just have a problem with the way so many people today seem to think it's open season on ANYONE claiming to be Christian. thanks, I try to keep an even view of things; glad you enjoy the blog!

Hey Swamp! Yeah, I am slowly learning just to avoid areas where I know the people are bent on inciting hate and ridicule, no matter what side.

Hey Philip! I'm trying !! it's hard sometimes! I agree a lot of the right's views are truly idiotic and bigoted but I hate the sweeping generalizations because I personally know many wonderfully kind Christians that work hard to actually help people, rather than just sitting around talking hate.

Anonymous said...


When I come back up that way I'll have to look at getting a platter like the one Ronnie bought. Seems that MY wife doesn't have one, she bought some for the kids but not her! Make sure you have one made and put back for me, sure felt bad when she asked me where her's was when Ronnie gave one to his bride!!

I also got chastised for eating all of your pie or whatever it's called, I told her you insisted!

Take care, see you soon.


P.S. Watch for wascally wabbits in the water!