Friday, March 02, 2012

5 Star Chicken

I am very, very, very tired tonight but I wanted to put up a little something of what's been going on around the house.  I loaded these pics last night but just didn't have the energy to finish.
I can honestly say my construction career is drawing to a close.  After a 10 hour day of welding I-beams, crammed up on scaffolding with only 3 feet of clearance to the slab above, I am beat.  I feel like I have been beat.  I should be beaten for coming back to this.

My attempt at starting some cabbage, brussel sprouts, etc.  I'm not sure why they got so leggy.  Ended up finding a bunch of starts at the local co-op and bough them.  If any of these turn out okay I'll plant them too.

Looky!!!  Goober has starting laying!!  She even made her own little nest in the garden under the fig tree.  I never thought about providing her a nesting box because I didn't know if she would ever lay due to her breed.  She lays a nice size egg and seems quite pleased with herself. Jack started giving her a little laying ration and I think that combined with walking around on dirt has strengthened her legs.  She still has some trouble and sits a lot but is walking better.

Well enough, in fact, to jump her big butt up in my cold frame and start chowing down!  Good thing I saw her when she did it or I wouldn't have a scrap of anything left in there.  We had to build her a little corral in a corner of the garden because she became too aware of all the good food around her and too mobile!  She has a good size space for roaming still though.


chickory said...

I was thinking about you last night. glad to not be reading about storm damage. WHat breed is goober?

edifice rex said...

Hey Chic! Goober is a Cornish Cross; those meat breeds that they use in chicken houses. We just let her keep growing!
Yeah, it didn't get too stormy here, luckily. It did rain very hard at times but that's about it. One tornado hit very close to my brother near Huntsville but they are okay with no damage.

HermitJim said...

Looks like she built a pretty nice little nest! I'm glad to hear that she is getting around better!

Really happy you fared well during the recent storms! Take care, OK?

Rita said...

I would keep thinking to myself. The time for Annie to do this job is past. Somehow a job is good for a season and when it is no longer for us we know. I'm thankful you are making a good choice. Although, I know you might miss it some you won't miss an aching body. :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks! yeah, I was quite surprised she was able to build such a nice nest. She actually built two but decided she liked this one best I guess.

Hey Reet! No, I won't miss hurting so much that's for sure!! I am very ready to be done with this.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Annie, none of your readers wants to see you injured on the job for perhaps selfish reasons - would miss the chicken and garden pictures. Sriously, though you seem to know it's time to give up a job that has become so physically demanding. Good luck.
P.S. you might want to remove the requirement to type these double verification eyes don't seem to get them right the first time.