Monday, July 30, 2012

Two Steps Behind

Oooh, I am just not doing well on keeping up on the posts I'm supposed to be writing.  I have a number of things to write about; I guess I'm just not entirely enthused about it all though.  Well, I mean, I am enthused about what's going on, just not the writing thereof!  I don't know, I guess it's just a combination of being very busy and feeling like no one is particularly interested or paying attention.  Now, before anybody jumps on me!!!...  I know that there are a number of you that do pay close attention and are interested.  I'm just saying how I'm feeling.  Computers are a great way to feel connected to others at times and yet, at other times seem to emphasize just how alone we are.  The conundrum for me is that computers are probably my best bet for interacting with people because I can edit myself.  Not to mean that I'm hiding anything really; I think most of you can agree I'm pretty honest on this blog, but that in person I am just not a...well, likable person.  I told Jack the other day that my work fellers are the only group I have truly ever fitted in with and that is true.  You could be rough or coarse or state whatever opinion you wanted with them and they really didn't care.  "Course, they might call you a dumbass but they still liked you!  I miss them.  Of course, I have Jack now and am thankful for that.  And I also know that having him around is one reason I don't write as much as I used to.  Having him to talk to or do things with does take up more of my time.

Then again, maybe it's just about needing some time to chill out and not think.  As you can see from the photo above, the garden is doing very well this year.  I know some parts are really getting smacked by drought this year but we have done very well.  We have only had to water the garden a few times so far.  So, I've been canning, drying, pickling and cooking every spare moment at times and in between painting the house, making pottery, tending chickens and doing regular house chores.  Crap!! no wonder I haven't felt like thinking enough to write an article!!  Ha!!
 I believe it was last Friday that we had an enormous and severe thunderstorm come up after lunch.  I was taking a short nap but woke to the sound of thunder and hail on the windows.  That is NOT what you want to hear when you have a garden full of stuff.  It was a couple of hours before we could really go out and see how much damage there was but in the end we lucked out.  Thankfully, the hail was not very large and didn't last long.  Some of the green beans were kinda beat up, a few broke limbs on the tomato plants and it blew over my cucumber trellis but other than that we did okay.  So, it all goes on.  The peas and corn have about pooped out but now the tomatoes and figs are cranking up.  I also need to get my seeds started for the fall garden.  Dang, there are just not enough hours in the day.  But I do enjoy it really.  It is very satisfying, in a number of ways, to know that we are able to grow these things and provide so much for ourselves without having to depend on the commercial food structure/ depletion cycle.  It is a very real thing.

So, I have a number of great new recipes and such to share and I have not forgotten about the Frugal series I was doing.  I'll be back!!
Hey, one question: is anybody having trouble reading these post because the type seems too small??  For some reason it looks a little small to me but I don't think I've changed anything. ???


HermitJim said...

I don't think the type is too small at all!

Looks like you have your hands pretty full with everything from the garden! Wonderful bounty, I must say!

I think that things will level out for you soon. Don't let things get you down, just allow yourself time to smell the roses once in a while, ya know?

pamit said...

Hey Annie, I feel ya on the "not a likable person" thing. I'm ornery & uppity also...never had a group of "fellers" to feel completely at home with either! As you would say...Dang!

But oh, the joys of sucking up to no one...

Pam in CO

Ed said...

Type looks find here too. One thing to check, you can control how all type and everything else looks on your screen, at least on Windows computers, by pressing the Control button along with the plus or minus button depending on which way you want to go.

Richard said...

Type OK with me but then I have Firefox and can adjust the size..:-).

There is not enough hours in the day to get all you want to do least that's how I feel most days.

Caroline said...

Your garden bounty looks wonderful! Boy, can I relate to the sound of hail on the roof, the first thing I think is, damn, there go my tomatoes. SD late afternoon thunderstorms always seem to have worked themselves up to delivering hail. Never have eaten fresh figs, as pretty as the tomatoes are, I would like a bite of those, I think.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! oh yeah, everything goes in a cycle and it will all calm down shortly. I'm just grateful for a good crop this year.

Hey Pam! Hey, I saw a sign once that said "Uppity women unite!" lol! maybe I should get one!

Hey Ed! Ok, I didn't know about that. I just go to my Blogger dash and to the layout etc. deal. But everybody seems to think it's okay anyway. thanks though!

Hey Richard! Oh, tell me about it! not enough hours by a long shot!

Hey Caroline! I know haha!! the first thing I thought, "DAmn!! my tomatoes!!! anything but the tomatoes!!
Oh, you've never had fresh figs!...mmm, they are so good. they don't taste anything like dried or preserved figs, to me. Very, very sweet and almost melony?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Little late in catching up on blog reading, so know how you must feel with all the stuff you're doing, Annie. Funny thing is that even when I haven't read your blog posts on a few days, they are always so interesting to catch up on even if I don't always comment on every one, as I said not enough time some days. Glad the hailstorm didn't do too much damage to the crops or your home.

Melissa said...

I know exactly what you mean about how the internet can connect us and disconnect us at the same time. Don't worry--we're here reading, and we'll be back, whether you're here sooner or later.

I also find it hysterical (but maybe I'm laughing so much I'm crying) how different our harvests are. Although I haven't taken a photograph with a table filled up, all of our harvest would be green--chard, peas, lettuce, green onions, turnip greens. I guess there are some beets for color. Every single thing in your photo can barely be grown here and most I'm not even trying--I hope to have a tomato before the end of August, and maybe some beans before the frost, but okra, eggplant, figs? Those are lost causes.

edifice rex said...

Hey Melissa! yes, we are very fortunate to be able to grow so much for so long here. 'Course, we have to suffer through this awful heat to do so too! lol!
I would have thought ya'll could grow figs though, even though maybe in a pot where you could bring it inside during the winter.